Update on Joint NASA-UAE Education Program at Ames

A P3 Navy aircraft with Hangar One at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. (Copyright 2009: Douglas Messier)

NASA’s outreach to predominantly Muslim country produced a political firestorm over the summer that, for some indiscernible reason, focused very little on the specifics of what the space agency is actually doing in that area. The National, an English language publication based in Abu Dhabi, has an update on one of the programs:

On June 1, Shamma al Qassim boarded a plane bound for the US as the first Emirati woman to become a Nasa intern. On Sunday, Reem Ketait will become the second.

Ms al Qassim, 19, along with two other Emirati students – Hazza Bani Malek, 20, and Hamad Rajab, 21 – spent 10 weeks training alongside Nasa engineers as part of the Educational Associates programme.