Musk: No Merger Between Tesla, SpaceX

SpacX Founder Elon Musk
SpacX Founder Elon Musk

Elon Musk has knocked down speculation that he will eventually merge SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity into one large company.

“There’s not a strong rationale to combine SpaceX and Tesla,” Musk said, unlike his previous merger — apparently, “there is (rationale) for Tesla and SolarCity” to combine….

“(The relationship) is really quite tenuous for SpaceX and Tesla,” Musk said. “it’s not enough to merge into one entity.”

SolarCity has accepted an offer from Tesla to acquire it for $2.6 billion. The energy company makes batteries for Tesla’s electric automobiles.


Video of Full Elon Musk Interview at Code Conference

Video Caption: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Walt Mossberg about his plans to send a one-way rocket to Mars in 2018. He estimates colonists could start arriving on the Red Planet by 2025. Musk also talks about the proliferation of electric vehicle initiatives that compete with his other company, Tesla, and why autonomous cars will become the norm. He says he doesn’t see Google as a competitor, but that “Apple will be more direct.” Plus: Why Musk wants more people to have access to the power of artificial intelligence.

Editor’s Note: Musk said he hopes to launch one of its recovered first stages within 2 to 3 months. He re-iterated his hope to launch the Falcon Heavy by the end of the year.

On Mars, Musk said SpaceX plans to send flights to Mars every 26 months beginning with the 2018 launch window. If everything goes according to plan, the first crew would be launched in 2024 and arrive the following year. He also talked about creating a way to get people to Mars in 3 months with the goal of reducing transit times to 1 month.

Musk said he thought direct democracy — people voting on laws — would be best for Mars. He feels it would be less corrupt than representative democracy. However, he felt it should be easier to repeal existing laws than to make new ones.

Musk plans to unveil his full plan for colonizing the Red Planet at a conference in Mexico in September.

Elon Musk to Appear on The Simpsons

Elon Musk (Credit: SpaceX)

One of America’s favorite billionaires will meet one of its most hated in the upcoming season of The Simpsons:

The Simpsons panel was unusually light on guest-star news, with exec producer Al Jean making only one announcement: Elon Musk will play himself in an upcoming episode in which Mr. Burns loses all of his money to the Tesla/SpaceX tycoon.

Mr. Burns is, of course, C. Montgomery Burns, the elderly and evil owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant who employs Homer Simpson. Musk owns two companies, Solar City and Tesla, that are focused on clean energy.

This is the 26th season of the animated show, which already has 552 episodes under its belt.

Elon Musk Named Innovator of the Year

NEW YORK, NY, Oct 28, 2011 — Elon Musk, CEO and Co-founder of Tesla and CEO and CTO of SpaceX, last night was recognized for Innovator of the Year in Technology by WSJ. Magazine.

WSJ. Magazine’s first annual Innovator of the Year Awards honors the most creative, disruptive, and influential individuals in the world today. Musk was recognized for revolutionizing three of the biggest industries in the world — automobiles, energy and space exploration — simultaneously. Artist Tom Sachs, whose recent work is based on the imagery of space, presented the award to Musk.

In conjunction with the November issue of WSJ., the winners were honored on Thursday, October 27, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The November issue of WSJ. will hit newsstands on Saturday, October 29, as part of WSJ Weekend.

“It is an honor to be recognized by WSJ. Magazine, and to join these other visionaries here tonight,” said Elon Musk. “It is urgently important to apply innovation the areas that will most affect our future. I am committed to finding renewable energy solutions, accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation, and revolutionizing space travel.”

The Innovator of the Year Awards were chosen by editors of WSJ. Magazine, with input from a select group of experts in each field.

Read the story:

SpaceX to Show Off Dragon Capsule at Tesla Event in D.C.

Dragon being recovered in the Pacific. (Credit: SpaceX)


WASHINGTON – Tomorrow, Thursday, February 10th 2011, SpaceX is teaming up with electric car maker Tesla Motors to showcase their contributions to American innovation.

Media are invited to an exclusive SpaceX-Tesla Open House at the new Tesla Showroom in Washington, DC.

On display will be the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which became the first commercial spacecraft to successfully return from orbit on December 8th, 2010.  Ken Bowersox, SpaceX Vice President of Astronaut Safety and Mission Assurance and former NASA Shuttle and ISS Expedition Commander, will be available for interviews by request.


Elon Musk “Out of Cash”, Living Off Personal Loans to Support $200K/Month Expenses

SpacX Founder Elon Musk

Just as NASA is struggling to convince Congress that private companies like SpaceX can take over human spaceflight into low Earth orbit, there comes word that company CEO Elon Musk is borrowing money from friends to cover $200,000 in monthly household expenses.

“About four months ago, I ran out of cash,” he wrote in a court filing dated Feb. 23, reviewed by VentureBeat. That’s a problem not just for him but for Tesla, where he is the lead investor and chief product architect, as well as CEO. Musk’s willingness to funnel his own cash into Tesla has for years sustained the faith of fellow investors and reassured would-be car buyers in 2008 when the company’s finances were in perilous shape.