House Passes NASA Authorization Act

by Douglas Messier
Managing Editor

For the first time in more than six years, Congress has passed an authorization act for NASA that calls for spending $19.5 billion on NASA for fiscal year 2017 and lays out a set of priorities of the agency.

The measure was approved by the House this week after getting Senate approval. The vote came five months into fiscal year 2017.


More NASA Funding Provisions From the Omnibus Spending Bill

Here are some additional provisions included in the omnibus spending measure unveiled by Congress on Wednesday.

Commercial Crew

“This Act provides up to $1,243,800,000 for NASA’s Commercial Crew Transportation Capability to safely send the Nation’s astronauts to and from the ISS by 2017. The Committees note that NASA notified Congress in an August 2015 letter of its decision to modify an existing contract with the Russian government for crew transportation services beyond 2017. That decision was made prior to any final action by Congress on NASA’s Commercial Crew Transportation Capability funding for fiscal year 2016.