GXLP News: ARCA Completes Executor Rocket Engine

Executor rocket. (Credit: ARCA)

Valcea, Romania (ARCA PR) — ARCA has completed the work on the first Executor rocket engine. The engine is designed to equip the Haas orbital rocket series and IAR-111 Excelsior supersonic plane. The second engine is 50% completed. The team will construct 4 gas generators, 4 turbopumps and 12 combustion chambers.

The Executor engine uses liquid oxygen as oxidizer and and kerosene as fuel. The engine has a thrust of 23 tons force in vacuum and has a maximum operating time of 190 seconds. By using composite materials and aluminum alloys on a large scale, Executor engine weights only 210 kg, and has a thrust to weight ratio of 110, the best ever achieved by a European rocket engine. ARCA estimates achieving an even better ratio after the tests are completed.

“Executor is the most important ARCA program until now. After the tests are completed we will have high technology product, a great European and world achievement. We take great pride in being a private program in Romania. Executor will allow us to undertake orbital flights.


Video: Team ARCA’s Balloon Launch

This is a video of a high-altitude balloon with rockets attached that the Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) plans to launch from the Black Sea.

ARCA – which is competing in the Google Lunar X Prize – is looking at the launch as a proof-of-concept for its payload delivery system.

There is an interview with project manager Bogdan Sburlea here.