SXC Clients Visit the Arctic

SXC_ArcticSXC PR — Preparing to go to space is almost as exciting as actually going.

From March 19 until March 22 a crew of SXC, future astronauts and potentials went for a dazzling four-day trip to the Acrtic Circle to watch one of the most mesmerizing phenomenon in space; the Aurora Borealis. Three days in a row, the sky actually lit up in green colors as a strong reminder of what beauty space has to offer.

Place of accommodation was the famous Ice Hotel, with an outside temperature of -29°C and an inside temperature of -5°C, literally a very cool place to stay.

During the trip the crew members faced some other very exciting challenges, like cross country dog sledging, a snow scooter expedition to a Sami settlement and even an ski off-piste Glacier ski trip. It was no surprise to us all that our German astronaut Mr Jos ‘the Rock’ Gal finished amongst the first.

Many thanks to the people of Spaceport Sweden, who helped us so kindly to plan this Special Op. Our next trip will soon be announced!

SXC CEO Hails Lynx AXE Campaign as Great Success

michiel_molThe Sweet Smell of Success

I can still recall the exact words of the Unilever executives when we first met at the London offices of their global creative company BBH almost a year ago: “Make no mistake about it, if we’re going to do this together, there will be nobody in those parts of the world where they have television, that will not have heard of SXC”. And boy, was he right. We closed the deal and the rest is history.

A great global campaign featuring a lifeguard and a fireman that were ditched because of an astronaut, a brilliant New York kick off by none other than the second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin (“Leave a man, come back a hero”) and the founding of the Axe Apollo Space Academy, eventually leading to 22 of their consumers actually be taken to space by us. International press is rapidly picking up on us because of the unique new way we let people travel to space.

Haven’t you been able to secure a place with Axe? There’s still a small number of Founder Astronaut tickets available. But don’t wait too long. Because nothing beats an astronaut. Ever.

May the force be with you.

— Michiel Mol

SXC Clients Take Wild Zero G Ride

SXC_Zero_G_FlightAMSTERDAM (SXC PR) — Haven’t we all ever dreamed of being able to fly weightlessly and freely through the air one day?

As of the 15th of March 2013, this incomparable sensation is not something only possible in childhood comic book or science fiction heroes, but to everyone.

Thanks to the close collaboration with Spaceport Sweden and with the presence of a host of honor – Mr. Jean-François Clervoy, Chairman of Novespace and ESA astronaut – our own heroes — Ms. Aysal, Mr. Gal and Mr. Shapiro — were among the first private passengers to go through this life-changing experience.


An Interview With a Future Lynx Passenger

SXC has published a Q&A interview with one of their clients, who is set to fly into suborbital space on an XCOR Lynx vehicle from Curacao.

Name: Rowin Hellings [space enthusiast]
Age: 19
Occupation: Student Applied Physics

1. You have recently purchased a space ticket with SXC, what did this moment mean to you?

This was a very special moment, I really wanted to do this. It was my dream to become an astronaut.


SXC Sells 200th Lynx Ticket

Ronald van der Linden (right) with Harry van Hulten. (Credit: SXC)

AMSTERDAM (SXC PR) — As a great start of the year 2013,  Mr. Ronald van der Linden signed up for the 200th ticket with SXC at the beginning of January.

Born and raised in Rotterdam, Ronald van der Linden will be the 14th Pioneer that will fly with the Lynx Mark I. In his spare time, Ronald likes to fly around in helicopters as well as airplanes.

He did very well at the most recent L-39 training, where SXC’s Harry van Hulten, made him experience a staggering 5G’s!

Don’t miss out, there are still tickets left for our Founder program.

If you want to go to outer space (above 103 km altitude, real astronaut), there is still some place left in our Founder program (first 100 to above 100); and for the others we have our Future Astronaut program (101st and up to above 100 km). To join today, please contact our Astronaut Relations Manager.

SXC Update on XCOR Lynx Progress

XCOR CEO Jeff Greason inspects the Lynx main engine after a hotfire test while Chief Test Engineer Doug Jones looks on. (Credit: XCOR)
XCOR CEO Jeff Greason inspects the Lynx main engine after a hotfire test while Chief Test Engineer Doug Jones looks on. (Credit: XCOR)

Here are a couple of updates from SXC on the progress of XCOR’s Lynx program. In the first update, SXC Founder Harry van Hulten reports on his recent visit to XCOR in Mojave. The second update provides some more general information about XCOR.

Harry van Hulten Visits XCOR

I visited XCOR recently and was again impressed by the amount of progress. XCOR recently reached a historic milestone by completing a series of rocket motor tests, which evaluated one full pump fed rocket motor mounted on a flight weight fuselage and engine thrust structure in the Lynx Mark I configuration. The last test in the series included a 67 second run, which was successfully completed. The 67 seconds was the maximum amount of time achievable with the smaller test liquid oxygen (LOX) tank.


First Commercial Parabolic Flight Takes Place in Europe

Karin and Carina float in microgravity. (Credit: Spaceport Sweden)
Karin Nilsdotter and Carina Johnsson float in microgravity. (Credit: Spaceport Sweden)

By Karin Nilsdotter
Spaceport Sweden
Congratulations to the SXC astronauts that successfully completed their first air ZeroG flight on Friday 15th of March. This was the first ever commercial public flight in Europe arranged by Avico and Novespace and offered through Spaceport Sweden’s space adventures and astronaut training program in collaboration with SXC. We look forward to many more missions offering the unique sensation of weightlessness under the instructions of ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy.


SXC Partners with Aon to Provide Insurance for Space Travelers

XCOR’s Lynx suborbital vehicle

LONDON, Dec. 11, 2012 (Aon PR)Aon Risk Solutions, the global risk management business of Aon plc (NYSE: AON), announced today that it formed a partnership with Space Expedition Corporation, the Netherlands-based space tourism company dedicated to making space travel available for private citizens. Aon, in collaboration with Space Expedition Corporation, has designed a unique insurance policy providing comprehensive and customized protection for space travelers.