Virgin Galactic to ID First Aussie Space Tourist

Artist's conception of WhiteKnight2/SpaceShipTwo in flight (credit: Virgin Galactic)
Artist's conception of WhiteKnight2/SpaceShipTwo in flight (credit: Virgin Galactic)

Virgin to announce Australia’s first space tourist

Virgin Galactic is expected to announce the identity of Australia’s first space tourist on Monday.

The company has called a  press event on Monday to talk about the technology behind its suborbital spaceships and to reveal which Australian is the first to shell out a cool US$200,000 for a Virgin Galactic ticket.

Both Virgin’s head of astronaut sales, Carolyn Wincer and an accredited space [travel] agent (ASA) will be in town.

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Space Tourism Gets Ready to Take Off

Entrepreneurs on the Final Frontier
by Jennifer Wang

When I spoke to John Gedmark, the executive director at the Personal Spaceflight Federation, he noted that the technology required for space flight (a term preferable to space tourism) already exists, but the challenge is building spacecraft that can provide a service for repeated use, and the most obvious barrier for would-be space entrepreneurs is capital. Building rockets–and hiring rocket scientists, so to speak–is an expensive endeavor, so the roster is limited to players like Richard Branson of Virgin and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.


Have Suborbital Lottery Ticket, Will Travel….Maybe

Win a Private Spaceflight for $20—Pending Success of Commercial Spaceflight
by Michael Belifiore
Popular Mechanics

Ireland-based offers to collect enough in $20 ticket sales to send one lucky winner on a suborbital ride. For this ticket, requires entrants to answer a simple multiple choice question in an effort to circumvent European lottery laws, which are just as strict as those in the U.S. “We intend to profit from Voyage2Space,” says founder Ben Christian, “but the most rewarding part, at least for myself, will be seeing the winner go into space and hopefully have the time of their life.”


Virgin Galactic Makes No Sales in Costa Rica

Ticos Not Up To Space Flight

Travelling to space and looking at the Earth from far above has only been dream for most. However, 285 people from 36 countries will soon be making that dream a reality, like multimillionaire, Dennis Tito, did in 2001, when be became the first “civilian” to leave the Earth on the Russian Soyuz.