XCOR Launches New Website, XCOR Science as New Brand

Mojave, CA, July 22, 2015 (XCOR PR) – XCOR today announced the redesign and re-launch of its flagship domain, XCOR.com. The new site includes each of the three XCOR brands in one space: XCOR Aerospace, manufacturer of XCOR Lynx spacecraft and rocket engines; XCOR Space Expeditions, offering Lynx ticket sales and Lynx astronaut trainings; and XCOR Science, the newest division of the company.

XCOR Science promotes suborbital research and education missions onboard Lynx for government, university and commercial customers, with a focus on the broad range of mission offerings onboard the spacecraft.

“Both the cost and pace of research flights in the current suborbital market made it impossible for most customers to engage in a meaningful pace of research in suborbital space,” Noted XCOR CEO Jay Gibson.  “XCOR Science makes that dream a reality, providing low-cost, high-frequency access to space four times each day.”

New interactive features and a dynamic user experience allow visitors to better explore Lynx capabilities, and XCOR as a whole. The site also supports the rapid growth of the company as it heads toward commercial flights.

Science Takes off as XCOR Lynx Lands at American Geophysical Union’s 2014 Fall Meeting

Full-scale Lynx mockup (Credit: XCOR)
Full-scale Lynx mockup (Credit: XCOR)

MOJAVE, Calif., November 24, 2014 (XCOR PR) — XCOR Aerospace will be at the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) annual meeting – and taking its full scale Lynx® spacecraft model along for the ride. The model will be on display December 15-19 at the AGU Exhibit Hall in San Francisco.

XCOR’s Director of Payload Sales and Operations Khaki Rodway will be on site to present an overview of space-based research the AGU community will be conducting on Lynx. The session is titled Next Generation Instrumentation in Solar and Space Physics: Critical Measurements from Low-Cost Missions/Platforms.