Former Blue Origin Senior VP Stephen Bennett Joins Kepler Communications as COO

TORONTO, September 14, 2021 (Kepler Communications PR) — Space company Kepler Communications announced today that Stephen (Steve) Bennett will be joining the Kepler Team as Chief Operating Officer effective September 20th, to contribute his expertise to accelerating Kepler’s next phase of growth.

This key executive hire follows closely behind Kepler’s successful Series B round, announced in June 2021. At that time, Kepler announced that the funding would advance the company mission of delivering connectivity to other satellites and on-orbit assets, specifically identifying the start of Kepler’s GEN2 satellite program. The formation of a second international subsidiary, Kepler Communications US Inc, was also highlighted.


English “Rocket Man” Wants to Send You Into Space

“Rocket Man” Steve Bennett wants to make space tourism available to everyone

The square-jawed heroes of Thunderbirds and real-life astronauts of the Apollo programme were the inspirations for Steve Bennett, the Englishman building a new future for space tourism. Coming soon on Talent, the man who turned his passion for rocketships into reality tells us that in 10 years time going to space will be just like going to the beach.

Watch the Euronews video.

Finally, a Good Use for Old Tires: Sending Millionaires into Space

Starchaser Industries of Britain has unveiled a new rocket that it plans to use to fly tourists into suborbital space in 2013. The Nova 2 rocket, fueled partly by used tires, will launch as three-person capsule from Spaceport America in New Mexico,  company founder Steve Bennett says. The company plans to test booster next year. Tickets will cost about $200,000.

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