Starwalker Reality Show Hits the Skids

The Sydney Morning Herald has a report about the Starwalker reality show and its suddenly press shy “creator” Jonathan Nolan:

Jonathan Nolan had plans for the world’s most ambitious reality show – a global cross-continent space challenge pitting prospective astronauts against each other for the chance to win two tickets into space.

He told media, partners and contestants that he had already secured two seats on Russian Soyuz rockets, had a production partner in Britain and had already obtained from foreign investors the tens of millions of dollars required to get the project, dubbed “Starwalker”, off the ground.


Starwalker Closes Blog, Greg Smith Loses Defamation Lawsuit

Some updates on Starwalker, the reality show that is supposed to send winners on trips into space. Activity on its Facebook page has withered as of late, with few updates of any kind. The show also has closed its blog with the following message:

An entirely new executive production lineup and partnership will now take the show forward, from this point to screening the final episode and beyond.

As such, this blog will now close until the NEW team reconfigures everything to their liking.


Starwalker TV Show Apparently No Longer a Reality

Some conflicting news on the Starwalker reality series, an Australian effort to produce a television series that would send winners into space. Robert Brand, who had been working on the production, provided this update via Facebook on Friday:

All, I am now unemployed as Starwalker has cancelled! I am now looking for work so please advise. In fact I would be pleased to develop other space based shows and would like to hear from any Australian film maker interested in doing something.


Starwalker Founders Explain Their Departure From Astronaut Reality Show

I received a statement from Katherine Bennell, one of three ISU alumni who helped to create the Starwalker astronaut reality show. The trio withdrew from the Australia-based effort in December. Below is a statement explaining their withdrawal from the effort, which is now being led by filmmaker and author Jonathan Nolan.


Video Trailers: Starwalker Jonathan Nolan’s Bush Documentary

The above clip is a trailer for director Jonathan Nolan’s 9-11 documentary, “Fortunate Sons.” Nolan is the executive producer of the Starwalker reality show, which is a competition to send two contestants into space aboard Soyuz rockets. The film was produced by Greg Smith, who is heading up Starwalker’s Southern Hemisphere operations.

The clip seems to hint at conspiracies involving the attacks, but it lacks any real specifics. The second excerpt – show after the break – is more substantial but not much clearer.


Video: Starwalker Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan’s Work

Following up on this Starwalker astronaut reality show that is headed up by Australian filmmaker Jonathan Nolan. It turns out that Nolan’s resume in film is relatively short, consisting of a 9-11 conspiracy documentary titled, “Fortunate Sons,” and a film, “Sweet Cyanide.” I have found no clips of either online, but there is a brief discussion on the latter film here (hated it) and a review here (mediocre).

However, Nolan has been making computer-generated short films that he has been posting on the TMUnderGround website under the user name Doghead. An example is shown above. One of his six films appears to be a remake of an old Simon Templar (“The Saint”) radio program.


Conspiracy Buffs Run Reality Show

I’ve done a little bit of followup on this Starwalker astronaut reality show, which began accepting applications on Saturday. With the help of an alert reader (thanks, Peter Lambert!), I have discovered that this already interesting story has become ever more curiouser and curiouser.

After the break: Staff departures! 9-11 conspiracy theories! Mega-lawsuits! And lots and lots of !!!!!s!


Astronaut Reality Series Set to Begin

International Space Station
International Space Station

UPDATES: The three ISU alumni left the show within weeks after this blog post was published. They will not comment publicly on why. A representative for Stephen Hawking has denied the physicist has any involvement in the program. The show has continued under Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan, a former attorney who was disbarred in Australia for embezzlement from a trust fund he controlled.

A trio of ISU Summer Session 2009 students have gone public with a plan for a reality show that will choose two averagenauts for the trip of a lifetime – into orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz vehicle.

Contestants can register for the Starwalker competition beginning on Dec. 12. Filming is set to begin next May with flights set for 2011 and 2012.