Two New Space TV Shows in Development

Two new space shows – one a drama, the other a comedy — are now in development.

Ronald D. Moore – he of “Battlestar Galactic” and “Star Trek” fame – has gotten an order from Apple to produce a new drama series that imagines a world in which the global space race of the 1960’s never ended.

Yes, Apple has now gotten into producing TV series.  No, I don’t know if this means we all have to buy one of their over priced devices to see the show.

Meanwhile, Bill Lawrence will write and executive produce “Spaced Out,” a multi-camera workplace ensemble comedy set in the world of commercial space travel. He is developing the series for CBS.

Lawrence had been executive producer of the project when it went to pilot at NBC as a single-camera show.  The network did not pick the pilot up as a series.

Lawence created “Scrubs” and co-created “Spin City” and ‘Cougar Town.” He also served as an executive producer on “Undateable” and the upcoming CW series “Life Sentence.”

If Lawrence wanted to make the show as a dark comedy, he could set it at a company that’s perpetually 18 months away from flying people into space owned by a jet-setting, publicity-obsessed billionaire who is always giving the staff migraines with his wildly optimistic and perpetually inaccurate pronouncements.

Alas, that’s probably a bit too on the nose….

William Shatner to Float on Zero-G Flight

LAS VEGAS (Zero-G PR) – Star Trek® fans rejoice! Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G®) has partnered with Roddenberry Adventures to offer an extraordinary ZERO-G Experience® with William Shatner, beloved star of the iconic television series. For the first time, fans will have the chance to fly in zero gravity with the man who played Captain Kirk. A limited number of tickets for this exclusive flight on August 4 are now on sale to the general public.


X Prize Names Qualcomm Tricorder Winners

Star Trek tricorders from the Original Series (left) and later series (right). (Credit: X Prize/CBS Studios Inc.)

LOS ANGELES (April 13, 2017)XPRIZE, the global leader in incentivized prize competitions, and the Qualcomm Foundation have awarded millions of dollars to the finalist teams of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, including a top prize of $2.6 million to the Pennsylvania-based team, Final Frontier Medical Devices, led by brothers Dr. Basil Harris, an emergency medicine physician, and George Harris, a network engineer. A second-place prize of $1 million was granted to Taiwan-based finalist, Dynamical Biomarkers Group, led by Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Chung-Kang Peng, Ph.D. and supported by HTC Research.


The Tricorderlarity is Near

LOS ANGELES, December 13, 2016 (XPRIZE PR) – XPRIZE, the global leader in incentivized prize competitions, today announced the launch of consumer testing in the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, in which two finalist teams’ devices will undergo consumer testing in the final phase of the competition. The global competition, sponsored by the Qualcomm Foundation, challenges teams to develop a consumer-focused, mobile diagnostic device based on the medical Tricorder of Star Trek® fame first shown to TV viewers 50 years ago. The devices are required to weigh less than five pounds, diagnose and interpret a set of 13 health conditions and continuously monitor five vital health metrics.


Could a Doomsday Machine-like Satellite Clean Up Space Debris?


In the classic Star Trek episode titled, “The Doomsday Machine,” Capt. James Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise did battle with a monstrous, self-sustaining spacecraft that refueled itself by chopping up planets and anything else in its way.

A new scientific paper proposed the deployment of a much smaller spacecraft that would refuel itself by consuming debris in Earth orbit. The paper was written by Lei Lan, Jingyang Li and Hexi Baoyin of Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Leonard Nimoy Passes Away at 83

Leonard Nimoy — Spock of Star Trek — has died at age 83.

Above is his last Tweet.

The perfect moments he gave us on film are his gift to us. They will be preserved forever.

Thank you, Leonard, for entertaining and inspiring me and millions of others with a vision of what we could be.

You lived long and prospered. Now you are at rest. Thank you for everything.

NASA’s Google+ Hangout Connects Space Station, “Star Trek Into Darkness” Crews

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

WASHINGTON (NASA PR) — The director, a writer and some actors in the film “Star Trek Into Darkness” will join NASA as it hosts a Google+ Hangout from noon to 12:45 p.m. EDT, May 16, about how work aboard the International Space Station is turning science fiction into reality.

Google+ Hangouts allow as many as 10 people or groups to chat face-to-face, while thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live on Google+ or YouTube.

Christopher Pike in Mojave? Beam Him Down

A familiar looking symbol can be seen at the Mojave Air and Space Port in this satellite photo from Google Maps. This is actually the “A” in Mojave in the spaceport’s logo.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking that this letter looks more than a little bit like an insignia from a certain science fiction show about a bunch of star trekkers called….believe it or not….Star Trek. Let’s take a looksie, shall we?


Latest X Prize: Invent a Tricorder, Win $10 Million

A 23rd century Star Fleet tricorder. (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

X PRIZE PR — Las Vegas, NV — The X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm Foundation today announced the launch of the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, a global competition to revolutionize healthcare. In this competition, teams will leverage technology innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence and wireless sensing – much like the medical Tricorder of Star Trek® fame – to make medical diagnoses independent of a physician or healthcare provider. The goal of the competition is to drive development of devices that will give consumers access to their state of health in the palm of their hand.


Astronauts May Test ‘Star Trek” Style Manufacturing Device on ISS

Device Like ‘Star Trek’ Replicator Might Fly on Space Station

Space explorers have yet to get their hands on the replicator of “Star Trek” to create anything they might require. But NASA has developed a technology that could enable lunar colonists to carry out on-site manufacturing on the moon, or allow future astronauts to create critical spare parts during the long trip to Mars.


Star Trek Exhibit Coming to San Jose

For all my friends in the Bay Area, a special Star Trek exhibit is opening at the Tech Museum of Innovation on Friday. You’ll be able to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair and see all sorts of gadgets and memorabilia from 40 years of the series.

Peeps in Space


Washington, DC’s annual Artomatic show is underway. The free annual showcase of local art is being held on eight floors of an empty office building on Half Street Southeast from now through July 5.

“It’s got everything from soup to nuts, but there’s a lot more nuts than soup,” a friend warned me. Not to be dissauded, I checked it out on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised.

I found one exhibit that I thought was especially brilliant. The Peeps exhibit consists of a series of art pieces that use small marshmallow candies that are usually consumed during at Easter. A number of the pieces had space and aviation themes.


Astronaut to Watch New Star Trek Film in Orbit


Moviegoers likely will sit in crowded theaters to watch the new “Star Trek” movie, which premiered on May 8, but not NASA astronaut Michael Barratt. He will have the opportunity to watch the film aboard the International Space Station, while he and two crewmates fly 220 miles above Earth. The only thing missing will be the popcorn.