Space Exploration: Can Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll Replace Flag Planting?

From fear to sex: Apollo 11 landing shaped views of America, space
San Jose Mercury News

“Sex, drugs and rock and roll is what’s really going to build the space environment,” said John Spencer, founder of the Space Tourism Society in Los Angeles.

Spencer, who ponders weightless romantic adventures in orbit, said hundreds of millions of private dollars and years of NASA know-how have spurred a renaissance for the budding industry.


Snuggle Tunnel to Make Zero G Hookups Possible

Misuzu Onuki and Sam Coniglio demonstrate the snuggle tunnel - a collapsible unit that could make sex in zero gravity possible for space tourists.

For those interested in hooking up in zero G, you may be in luck.

Space Tourism Society Vice President Sam Coniglio has developed a prototype of the snuggle tunnel. This collapsible zero gravity love nest is designed to hook onto the bulkhead of a zero G habitat near a window. A couple could climb in and snuggle about while watching the Earth pass by.

Coniglio said that he hopes the test the prototype snuggle tunnel on a zero gravity plane in the near future with two student volunteers.

Vanna Bonta – Space Sexologist

I’m sitting here watching an episode of “The Universe” on The History Channel and guess who pops up on the screen but novelist/poet/actress-turned-citizen-of-the-cosmos Vanna Bonta. She’s apparently working on a flight suit that will allow for easier sexual couplings in microgravity.

There’s a segment showing her and husband Allen Newcome testing their 2suit aboard Zero G’s parabolic aircraft. It seemed to work to some degree, but they don’t see to get down…or up….or whatever one calls it in microgravity. Or at least they don’t show anything. It’s definitely a PG-rated program.