Xtraordinary Adventures Updates Website

PRESS RELEASE — Xtraordinary Adventures, LLC, a newly formed space travel agency located in Boca Raton, Florida, has updated their website. Mitchell J Schultz, Space Tourism Specialist, avid space enthusiast, adventurer and world traveler, as its director, created an informative website at http://www.XtraordinaryAdventures.com representing RocketShip Tours, the exclusive agent for XCOR’s Lynx space plane.


Rocketship Tours Partners with Ensemble to Sell Lynx Tickets

XCOR's Lynx suborbital vehicle
XCOR's Lynx suborbital vehicle

Ensemble, Rocketship Tours Partner for Space Travel
Travel Agent Central

If your clients are bored with the routine, take a look at the new program offered to Ensemble Travel Group agents with Ensemble’s new partnership with Rocketship Tours, a company dedicated to making space travel accessible and relatively affordable to those who aspire to such an out-of-this-world adventure.


RocketShip’s Klar: XCOR Will Deliver What It Promises

A Conversation with CEO of Rocketship Tours…the official travel agent of XCOR Aerospace
Space Future

Space Future Journal: Given the number of grandiose promises made over the past few years about space tourism, what seems to be the most convincing evidence of probable success for this one?

Jules Klar: After meeting with XCOR in the summer of 2006, I felt reassured that I was dealing with a company that has a history of under-promising and over-delivering. Most impressive is their track record of more than 3,500 rocket firings without a single mishap. That, coupled with the fact that their two rocket-powered vehicles, built for the Rocket Racing League, have been successfully flown leads me to believe that Lynx will be equally successful. XCOR simply does everything the right way.

Suborbital Tourism Flights Put Phoenix’s RocketShip Tours on the Map

Press Reacts to RocketShip Tours

“Earlier this month, Jules Klar, founder of Phoenix, AZ-based RocketShip Tours, announced that his company will immediately begin selling rides to the edge of space for $95,000 per flight. Participants will fly aboard the Lynx, a two-seat suborbital vehicle being built by California-based XCOR Aerospace.

“Naturally, there has been a flurry of media reactions, and you can see a collage of web and print news clips is available here.”