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Lawmakers Furious as Rocketplane Says Goodbye Oklahoma, Hello Wisconsin



In a move that has left Oklahoma lawmakers furious, space tourism company Rocketplane has pulled out of Oklahoma City and relocated most of its remaining operations to Wisconsin due to lack of investment and high costs.

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Hawaii Eyed for Point-to-Point Suborbital Travel

The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii seeks to launch space tourism initiative
Associated Press

Space pioneers envision launching high-end Hawaii tourists from the sand to the stars, taking island-hopping to new heights.

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Funding for Oklahoma Spaceport Questioned



Unlike its brethren in California, New Mexico and Sweden, the Oklahoma Spaceport has been keeping a low profile. So low, in fact, that the last update on its website’s News page is dated June 1, 2007 – nearly two years ago.

With its major tenant, Rocketplane Global, struggling to find financing for its suborbital spacecraft, things have been quiet. Far too quiet for at least one member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, NewsOK reports:

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Space Fashionista Publishes First Space Tourism Book in Japan


Space fashionista Misuzu Onuki — organizer of a recent space fashion show in New York — has published what is being billed as the first book about NewSpace that has ever been published in Japan.

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$200K and We Can’t See a Thing? Who Booked This Space Tourism Trip?



Rocketplane Global CEO Chuck Lauer raised a really interesting question during his presentation at Space Access ’09 on Saturday: Does it make sense to launch space tourists from a place with notoriously bad weather?

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Rocketplane CEO Confident in Tech, the Financial Markets….Not So Much


Expressing confidence in the design and technology for his company’s suborbital tourism vehicle, Rocketplane Global CEO Chuck Lauer told participants at Space Access ’09 on Saturday that the biggest problem his company is facing is financial, not technical.

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If You’re Spending $200K on Space Tourism, What’s an Extra $10K for the Dress?


New Scientist has a photo essay about the latest stylings for the fashion conscience millionaut. It includes a photo of a winning design from a fashion competition co-sponsored by Rocketplane Global and Spacefashion.org.

Rocketplane Global Plans Point-to-Point Suborbital Travel in Hawaii


Jeff Foust has an interesting piece in The Space Review about Rocketplane Global’s plan to launch point-to-point suborbital travel between two Hawaiian islands.

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Space Fashion Hits the Big Apple


There is an interesting piece excerpted below about an upcoming space fashion design competition in New York co-sponsored by Rocketplane Global and SpaceFashion.org. The prizes? A contract to design fashion for millionauts and a flight into space. The question: will the winner be able to collect on that?

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UK Space Update: Astronaut Training, Space Station Designs, Microsats and More


Four brief updates on developments in the UK, courtesy of Rocketeers.co.uk….

UK-based Worldview Spaceflight is offering astronaut training in collaboration with Rocketplane Global. “We can offer the full package, from trainee to astronaut, Worldview will take you through every step of your training and your eventual spaceflight in 2010,” Worldview says. Rocketplane, based in Oklahoma, will apparently fly from bases in Europe.

The N-prize is offering a £9,999.99 prize to any group capable launching a satellite between 9.99 and 19.99 grams into orbit for no more than £999.99. The spacecraft must complete at least 9 orbits in order to win the prize, which seems awkwardly named (to American ears, anyway). The “N” stands for “Nanosatellite” or “Negligible Resources,” BTW.

The Space ’08 conference will be held at the Barbican Conference Centre in London on 4th September 2008. The conference “will identify and examine the key rationales” of the British National Space Centre’s Civil Space Strategy 2008-2012.

ESA will conduct the Space Station Design Workshop in collaboration with the Institute of Space Systems of the Universitaet Stuttgart on July 13-18, 2008. The event – held at ESTEC, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands – is open to university students (up to Masters level or equivalent) from ESA member states. The ESA website has more information.