Kymeta Demonstrates LEO and GEO SATCOM Interoperability During Military Battle Lab Exercise

The Kymeta u8 terminal is the first and only terminal available today capable of establishing COTM and COTP with LEO and GEO constellations

REDMOND, Wash. (Kymeta PR) — Kymeta, the communications company making mobile global, announced today seamless interoperability between the Kymeta™ u8 terminal, Kepler Communications low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, and geostationary (GEO) SATCOM terminals at an annual military battle lab exercise focused on the integration of operations, intelligence, and technology.


Kymeta Strengthens its Connectivity Solutions with a Global TRANSEC Secure Network

Available today with any hardware, the Kymeta Global TRANSEC Secure Network coverage for the United States, Middle East, and Europe, ensures the highest levels of security and encryption

Redmond, Wash. (Kymeta PR) — Kymeta ( — the communications company making mobile global — announced today that it will begin offering the first commercially available iDirect TRANSEC network, ensuring that its customers and partners can receive the highest levels of encryption, authentication, and traffic concealment, exceeding the current requirements outlined by the U.S. government.

This first-of-its-kind satellite service offering provides full compliance with numerous Federal and DOD standards, including the January 2021 DOD Instruction 8523.01. This new service paired with the Kymeta™ u8 GOV, which includes iDirect’s 950 mp modem, along with iDirect’s latest interference mitigation software allows for the most secure and reliable satellites services to date.


Kymeta Expands Its Next Generation Solutions with Commercial Availability of the u8 GOV Terminal and u8 GO

The u8 GOV terminal and u8 GO provide the complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications. (Credit: Kymeta)

Kymeta solutions are designed for rapid deployment, mission critical communications, and meeting the highest levels of security and encryption requirements.

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kymeta (—the communications company making mobile global—announced today the expansion and availability of its KymetaTM u8 product, including the Kymeta u8 GOV terminal with an embedded iDirect 950mp modem and the u8 GO transportable terminal. Kymeta u8 GOV terminals are designed to meet the needs of government, military and specialized commercial use and support.