NASA Makes Dozens of Patents Available in Public Domain

public_domain_nasa_techNASA has released 56 formerly-patented agency technologies into the public domain, making its government-developed technologies freely available for unrestricted commercial use. In addition to the release of these technologies, a searchable database now is available that catalogs thousands of expired NASA patents already in the public domain.


ESA Makes Space Inventions Available

Credit: ESA/Guus Schoonewille
Credit: ESA/Guus Schoonewille

PARIS (ESA PR) — Space companies and organisations from ESA Member States and Canada are invited to submit their interest in using ESA’s inventions.

As a research organisation, ESA encourages, protects and licenses innovations or inventions resulting from its own activities in order to fulfil its mission of cooperation among Member States in space research and technologies and their applications, and supports the worldwide competitiveness of European industry.


NASA Crowd Sources Spin-off Technologies

NASA LOGOWASHINGTON (NASA PR) — The technologies NASA develops don’t just blast off into space. They also improve our lives here on Earth. Life-saving search-and-rescue tools, implantable medical devices, advances in commercial aircraft safety and efficiency, increased accuracy in weather forecasting, even the miniature cameras in our cell phones. For over fifty years, NASA has transferred its cutting-edge aerospace technologies to the private sector, helping create new commercial products, improve existing products, and boost the competitiveness of the U.S. economy.

Now NASA has joined forces with the product development startup Marblar ( for a pilot program allowing the public to crowdsource product ideas for forty of NASA’s patents. This initiative will allow Marblar’s online community to use a portion of NASA’s diverse portfolio of patented technologies as the basis of new product ideas.


ISPCS Panel Discussion on IP, Export Controls and Insurance

ispcs_logoHot Topics:
Intellectual Property, Export Controls & Insurance

Chair: Franceska Schroeder, Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C., Washington, DC Office


  • Grant Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, Paragon Space Development Corporation
  • James W. Babineau, Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C., Austin Office – Intellectual Property
  • Christopher T.W. Kunstadter, Senior Vice President Aerospace Insurance, XL Group


Now on the stage: panel discussion on export control and intellectual property protection related to the commercial space industry. (ISPCS ‏@ISPCS)

Now up at #ISPCS, additional duscussion on risks and insurance. Moderator @FOSchroeder (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Chris Kunstadter, XL Insurance on “Hot Topics” panel: lot of capital in space insurance market right now, pushing down rates. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)