GXLP Update: Team Phoenicia Inks Deal for Space Traffic Control Services

team_phoenicia_logoMenlo Park, CA., Dec 9, 2013 (Team Phoenicia PR) – Team Phoenicia LLC, a space payload services provider, announced today an agreement with Space Exploration Engineering Corporation of Friday Harbor, WA to provide “space traffic control” for the multiple spacecraft to be launched on the 2015 Phoenicia-­‐1 launch.

The Phoenicia‐1 launch will be one of the most complex missions ever attempted. With multiple spacecraft simultaneously heading to the Moon, each of these spacecraft will require simultaneous tracking and maneuver planning, which requires shared ground tracking resources and cooperative collision avoidance. This requires a system similar to Air Traffic Control used for commercial aviation. Space Exploration Engineering (SEE) will provide “space traffic control” for the Phoenicia‐1 launch.