Destroying the World in Order to Save It


A popular theory being advanced by Richard Branson and other space enthusiasts is that the main way to save the planet is to get more people off it. As thousands of people view the Earth from space, they will realize how fragile the planet is and want to protect it. A new consciousness will take hold, transforming our approach to the environment. We also would be able to move polluting industries off the Earth.

However, what if by leaving the Earth, they end up damaging it?


Space Tourism Threat: Less Carbon Emissions Than Ozone Depletion?

Study: Frequent space missions are harming “ozone layer”

The frequent launches of space rockets are harming the protective ozone layer of Earth – that’s what the US atmospheric researchers have warned in their recent study. The scientists have cautioned and advised that the space missions should be restricted as rocket launches are damaging the stratospheric ozone layer.