Smallsat 2016: Updates on European Programs

clyde_spaceThere were updates given during the past week at the Small Satellite Conference and the CubeSat Workshop on European activities. Clyde Space provided an overview of the planned Outernet constellation. Nammo Raufoss provided an update on its nanosat launcher. European Space Agency (ESA)  officials also discussed the agency’s smallsat activities.

Below are summaries of those presentations from Tweets by Jeff Foust (@jeff_foust), David Hurst (‏@OrbitalDave) and RITSpaceExploration (‏@RITSPEX).


UKSA, Clyde Space to Provide Global Broadband Via CubeSats

clyde_spaceSWINTON, England (UKSA PR) — The UK Space Agency has teamed up with British company Clyde Space and American company Outernet to develop a telecommunications service that can be offered via a constellation of low-cost CubeSats. Such a constellation could revolutionise the provision of low-cost broadband to remote regions of the world.

Clyde Space’s CubeSat expertise will help Outernet to push forward with this unique project to supply a cheap and mass-producible alternative to traditional telecommunications infrastructure. UK Space Agency funding for the project is through its International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP) which funds British companies to work with international partners developing satellite technology to tackle issues like flooding, deforestation and humanitarian crises in emerging economies.