Armadillo Aerospace Gets Launch License for Reusable STIG-B

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Armadillo PR) — At Newspace 2012 hosted by the Space Frontier Foundation in Santa Clara CA, Dr. George Nield, Associate Administrator for the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, presented Neil Milburn, Armadillo Aerospace’s VP of Program Management,with an Operator Launch License for their STIG (Suborbital Transport with Inertial Guidance) class of reusable suborbital launch vehicles. This is Armadillo Aerospace’s first launch license although they have already received three launch permits for their lunar lander class vehicles.


ISPCS Session: Closing the Credibility Gap With XCOR, Armadillo and Virgin Galactic

SpaceShipTwo glides downward. (Photo: Mark Greenberg)

ISPCS Session

Closing the Credibility Gap: The Role of Suborbital Testing as a Pathfinder to Orbital Markets or as an End Market in Itself

Debra Facktor Lepore — President, DFL Space LLC
Jeff Greason — CEO, XCOR
Julia Tizard — Operations Manager, Virgin Galactic
Neil Milburn — VP of Program Management, Armadillo Aerospace