FAA Awards Space Transport Grants for Spaceport America, Mojave, Cecil Field and Alaska

Cecil Field in Jacksonville, recently designated a commercial spaceport.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a new grant program designed to fund projects that develop and expand commercial space transportation infrastructure.  The Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Grants will be awarded to four separate projects located in Alaska, California, Florida, and New Mexico.


Mojave Now Center of New Space Race

Mojave: Where the Old Frontier Meets the Space Frontier
San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Arriving at the Mojave Air & Space Port, a quick scan of the ramshackle blue buildings and hangars left over from a World War II Marine Corps air station raises the question: This is the heart of the industry that will put regular folks into space?


Mojave Spaceport Thrives Even as Economy Tanks

Mojave airport: A bright spot in a gloomy economy
The Bakersfield Californian

Super-secret aircraft. Mysterious, unannounced test flights. “Black hangars” where few are granted entry.

That’s the attraction and mystique of Mojave Air and Space Port, home to the world’s most eclectic collection of experimental aircraft, cowboy aviators and rebel engineers ever assembled by private enterprise.


XCOR Flies Rocket-Powered Aircraft Eight Times in One Week

XCOR flights help Mojave log over half of this century’s manned rocket vehicle flights
XCOR Press Release

Mojave, CA, Oct. 6, 2008 – With a series of flights, XCOR Aerospace has helped establish the small desert town of Mojave as the world capital of manned rocket vehicle flight.

When XCOR flew a rocket-powered aircraft eight times this week, Mojave Air and Space Port became the location of more than half of all manned rocket-powered vehicle take-offs and landings in the 21st century. The company also set a new informal record for the most flights of a single manned rocket-powered vehicle in a day, and cemented its lead as the company that has flown more than half of the world’s manned rocket-powered vehicle flights in the 21st century.


California’s Mojave Air & Space Port Going Strong

Dale Hawkins of The Tehachapi News has the latest goings-on at the Mojave Air & Space Port, America’s only licensed civil-use spaceport. Scaled Composites is busy at work on SpaceShipTwo, XCOR is building its Lynx spaceplane, Rocket Propulsion Engineering Corporation is testing – of all things – rockets, and the National Test Pilot School is training new aviators.