Uwingu Announces Board of Advisors

uwingu_artworkUwingu PR (Mar. 5, 2013) — Space start up Uwingu™ announced today that has recruited a distinguished board of 15 advisers to assist the company in strategic and operational planning.


Lou Friedman Visits The Space Show

This week on The Space Show with David Livingston….

1. Monday, January 9, 2012: 2-3:30 PM PST: We welcome back Dr. Louis Friedman. Dr. Friedman is the Executive Director Emeritus of the Planetary Society and is the Program Director for The Planetary Society LightSail program which focuses on solar sails.

2. Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 7-8:30 PM PST: We welcome back Dr. Bruce Cordell with updates to his work with Maslow Windows and the evidence supporting a new space development age. Visit his website for more information: http://21stcenturywaves.com.

3. Friday, January 13,2012: 9:30-11AM PST: We welcome Dr. Perry G. Ballard of the DOD Payloads Office, JSC. Dr. Ballard will be talking with us about secondary payload launch opportunities, student launches, cubesats and more.

4. Sunday, January 15, 2012, 12-1:30 PM PST: We welcome Kevin Forsyth on the Delta 2 history. Visit his excellent Delta 2 historical website at http://kevinforsyth.net/delta/vehicle.htm.

Bill Nye, Lou Friedman to Discuss New Space Plan on Webchat

Where Should We Go in Space?
Tell Bill Nye During a Live Ustream Chat

“Tell us where you want to go in space!” said Bill Nye, slated to take the reins as the Planetary Society’s new executive director.

Nye will join Louis Friedman, the Society’s current executive director, on July 14, 2010 to talk with the public about The New NASA Plan — Destinations, during a live interactive video event on Ustream.


Planetary Society’s LightSail-1 Solar Vehicle Proceeding Toward Launch

The Planetary Society's LightSail-1 solar sail. Credit: Rick Sternbach/The Planetary Society

As Japan prepares to deploy its IKAROS solar sail spacecraft, the Planetary Society’s Lou Friedman has published an update on the non-profit group’s similar effort, LightSail-1, which is set for launch during the second quarter of 2011. An excerpt:

The LightSail-1 spacecraft development is proceeding well. Our engineering team—led by Jim Cantrell—has completed the preliminary design and made critical decisions to select the hardware and subsystem for the final design—crucial milestones to building the vehicle that will demonstrate the value and potential of using sunlight alone to propel exploratory craft through space.


Friedman Works to Resurrect Solar Sail Project

Across the Universe
The Atlantic

The Volna rocket had risen out of the water, flown through the sky, and pierced the low-lying clouds. The Volna, a Soviet-era ICBM, had been refitted for peaceful duty, and on this first day of summer, it was lifting Cosmos 1 up from a Russian submarine and toward Earth orbit. If the spacecraft got there, it would deploy eight tissue-thin “blades,” 600 square meters of Mylar that would catch the sun and begin propelling the craft, on nothing but light, through humankind’s first solar-sailing voyage. The ship, beautiful as a flower or firework, would be controlled from the ground by two teams, each so small that Mission Operations Moscow was called MOM and Project Operations Pasadena was POP….