Brevard Workforce Shifts Focus in Helping Laid Off Shuttle Workers

Florida Today reports that Brevard Workforce has shifted the focus of the work it is doing for laid off shuttle workers under a $15 million emergency grant from the federal government designed to fund on-the-job training:

Brevard Workforce requested and received permission to spend most of the money on more basic career services, like how to search for a job, write resumes, interview and network.


Lockheed Martin Space Systems to Lay Off 1,200 Employees

LOCKHEED MARTIN PR — DENVER, June 14th, 2011 — Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, a major business area of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, announced today employment reductions designed to address affordability and improve its competitive posture.

Space Systems, which currently employs approximately 16,000 employees in 12 states, will implement a broad-based workforce reduction of roughly 1,200 employees by year-end. It is anticipated that middle management will be reduced by 25 percent, with significantly smaller percentage impacts in other levels and disciplines.


Space Workers Laid Off as NASA Picks New Direction, Winds Down Shuttle Program

Space shuttle Atlantis lands on runway 33 at NASA Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility concluding the STS-129 mission. Photo credit: NASA Jack Pfaller

Layoffs began last week at key NASA centers and contractors as a result of multiple factors. Some related to the wind down of the space shuttle program. Others resulted from Congressional action that will transition the space agency away from the Constellation program. A smaller number involved NASA budget reductions to one center.


NASA: Directionless and Brain Drained


Giving NASA a clear mission
G. Ryan Faith makes the case for giving NASA a straightforward mission—space exploration—and prioritizing its tasks accordingly.

Protecting the space workforce
Taylor Dinerman warns that DOD and NASA program cuts could lead to a brain drain like the ones seen after previous mass layoffs.

Is the near-Earth space frontier closed?
Much of what made the Space Age possible was driven by the development of ICBMs and related spacecraft systems. Andrew Tubbiolo argues that this legacy may make it more difficult for commercial and civil entities to expand their activities in Earth orbit.

Review: Pluto Confidential
The recent IAU General Assembly has come and gone without any changes in the definition of “planet” or Pluto’s classification. Jeff Foust reviews a new book that takes yet another look at the controversy surrounding Pluto’s status and how it compares to previous planetary controversies.

NASA Job Cuts Update

Massive job cuts in space program likely
Associated Press

“More than 8,000 NASA contractor jobs in the nation’s manned space program could be eliminated after the space shuttle program is shut down in 2010, the agency said Tuesday.

“The number of civil servants is expected to remain roughly the same, but dramatic job cuts are possible among private contractors as NASA transitions to the Constellation program, which is developing the next-generation vehicle and rockets to go to the moon and later to Mars.”

NASA faces job flight
Daytona Beach News-Journal

NASA: Michoud’s Employment Future Cloudy
Associated Press via Yahoo News

More than 1,000 jobs may be lost at Michoud
New Orleans Times-Picayune

Marshall jobs ‘pretty stable’

The Huntsville Times