Space Symposium Briefs: Stratolaunch, Falcon 9, CST-100, UAE to Mars & Lunar Bases

Gwynne Shotwell
Gwynne Shotwell

I’ve been monitoring the Twittersphere for news out of the 31st Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo. There have been a few interesting items of note:

  • Stratolaunch President Chuck Beames says the company is considering other air-launch rockets in addition to the one being built by Orbital ATK for use with its massive six engine carrier aircraft. The Orbital ATK rocket is for medium payloads but won’t be ready for several years. Stratolaunch is looking at smaller rockets that could be developed more rapidly and help with more near-term revenue.
  • SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell says the company’s next attempt to recover a Falcon 9 first stage may occur over land rather than on a barge at sea. SpaceX is building landing facilities at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Air Force Base.
  • Boeing plans to reveal the crew of its first CST-100 flight test this summer. The crew for the planned 2017 test will include one Boeing test pilot and one NASA astronaut.
  • The new United Arab Emirates Space Agency decided to launch a spacecraft to Mars in 2020 because sending an orbiter to the moon is too easy. The space agency, which was formed only last July, has yet to define the mission to the Red Planet or select international partners.
  • Current DLR Chairman Johann-Dietrich Wörner would really like to see the establishment of a base on the far side of the moon to enable radio astronomy. Wörner is set to take over had head of ESA in several months.

DLR Chairman Re-elected to New 5-Year Term

DLR Chairman Johan-Dietrich Wörner

DLR PR — On 15 June 2011, Professor Johan-Dietrich Wörner was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board for the next five years by the Senate of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR).

“For me personally, the decision made by the DLR Senate is a demonstration of confidence and a confirmation of the effective work carried out by the DLR Executive Board under my leadership in recent years. It is also a recognition of the success that DLR has achieved in all its research areas,” said Professor Wörner. “In my second term, I will work towards consolidating DLR’s role as a unique interdisciplinary research institute and space agency. The common goal of all my colleagues must now be to strengthen DLR’s position, with its excellent skills and prospects, both nationally and internationally,” Wörner added.

After a twelve-year term as President of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Johann-Dietrich Wörner took up his position as Chairman of the DLR Executive Board on 1 March 2007. During his first term, he brought about significant decisions in the aerospace industry at the national and international level, thus strengthening and expanding Germany’s position as a valued partner in advanced technology. In addition to his activities at DLR, Professor Wörner is a member of other scientific organisations and academies, has led the mediation process for the expansion of Frankfurt airport since 2000 and, in 2011, prepared the dialogue forum on ‘Stuttgart 21’.

Johann-Dietrich Wörner is married, has three children and lives in Darmstadt.