NASA Funds Six Small Spacecraft Technologies for Development

NASA has selected six small satellite technology projects for continued development under phase II of its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

The selected proposals included: two projects focused on in-space propulsion; two systems for de-orbiting satellites; one project focused on radiation shielding for small spacecraft; and an improved turbo-pump for small satellite launch vehicles.


Space Access ’11: The Rocket Test Company

Osa Fitch
The Rocket Test Company

Created Rocket Test Company (RTC) Consortium

  • Design Jug
  • SpeedUp
  • Luna City
  • Frontier Astronautics

System for conducting incremental testing to rocket technology by combining capabilities:

  • Lunar City has customer need
  • SpeedUp has well characterized rocket
  • Frontier Aeronautics — Test facility in Wyoming at an abandoned Atlas missile silo
  • Design Jug — rapid prototyping capability

Got together to do engine testing