Waypoint 2 Space Partners with Final Frontier Design

Spacesuit pressurization (Credit: Final Frontier Design)
Spacesuit pressurization (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

HOUSTON, Sept. 30, 2014 (Waypoint/FFD PR) — Today, Waypoint 2 Space (Waypoint) announced a partnership with Final Frontier Design (FFD) that will integrate FFD space suit designs with Waypoint’s innovative EVA training systems in support of Waypoint’s FAA safety approved commercial space training programs.


Final Frontier Design launches “Space Suit Experience”

Final_Frontier_Ted Southern_Launch_Position_Flight_Simulator
Ted Southern demonstrates the launch position flight simulator. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

Brooklyn, NY, August 29, 2014 (FFD PR) — Final Frontier Design (FFD) is proud to unveil their “Space Suit Experience” (SSE) today, offering the public a chance to wear and train in a real space suit. The SSE includes a historical briefing on space suit development and use, comparison testing in a vacuum chamber glove box, an astronaut-style fitting, and full pressurization in an IVA space suit, both standing and in launch position on FFD’s space flight simulator. The SSE is a unique, immersive event for one person.


Starfighters, Final Frontier Design Announce Stategic Partnership

Final Frontier Design's 3G suit with cover garment with a Starfighter F-104 in the taxi area of the Shuttle Landing Facility at KSC. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)
Final Frontier Design’s 3G suit with cover garment with a Starfighters F-104 in the taxi area of the Shuttle Landing Facility at KSC. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., June 4, 2014 (SFA/FFD PR) — Starfighters Aerospace (SFA) and Final Frontier Design (FFD) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to integrate and optimize the FFD 3G Space Suit for SFA’s F-104 supersonic jets.

The 3G Space Suit is an Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) safety garment designed to protect pilots in a high altitude environment. Integration with life support and ejection systems, as well as design optimization for the fighter’s cockpit, will take place in 2014. The 3G suit will enable SFA high altitude research flights and suborbital point-to-point pathfinder missions within the next year.


zero2infinity Receives Pressure Suit from Final Frontier Design

A Bloon pressure suit created by Final Frontier Design (Credit: zero2infinity)
A Bloon pressure suit created by Final Frontier Design (Credit: zero2infinity)

BARCELONA, Spain (zero2infinity PR) — The high-altitude balloon company zero2infinity, based in Barcelona, has received its first Space suit, designed by American company Final Frontier Design. This brings the company one step closer to crewed test flights, which should start later this year.


NASA Selects Final Frontier Design for Two SBIR Phase I Awards

Credit: Final Frontier Design

BROOKLYN, NY (FFD PR) — Final Frontier Design (FFD) is pleased to announce that NASA has selected their company for contract negotiations for 2 separate Phase I Small Business Innovative [sic] Research (SBIR) awards, for total potential contracts of $250,000 in 2013. FFD is a small business based in Brooklyn, NY, developing space safety garments for the commercial space industry.


zero2infinity to Buy Pressure Suits from Final Frontier Design

Final Frontier design spacesuit. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

NEW YORK (zero2infinity PR) — zero2infinity is now one step closer to manned flight: an agreement was just signed with Final Frontier Design to buy a pressurized space suits.

zero2infinity just entered into an agreement with Final Frontier Design and became one of the first in line to buy a pressurized space suits. The aim of Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev, the associates behind FFD, is to develop the next generation of space suits for the new commercial space industry. They have already made pressurized astronaut gloves and two complete suit prototypes and are now seking NASA flight certification; they will start delivering suits in January 2013.

Once pressurized space suits are delivered, zero2infinity will evaluate them in some tests for the use in the first manned test flight in 2013. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration with Final Frontier Design.

Final Frontier Design Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Spacesuit

Final Frontier Design, which won second prize in NASA’s Astronaut Glove Challenge in 2009, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to develop an affordable spacesuit for the space tourism market. To donate, click here.

The Kickstarter description of the product:

At FFD, we are working together to bring our vision of a lightweight, inexpensive, and highly functional space suit to the new space industry. Our Kickstarter goal, the FFD Third Generation (3G) Suit, will be built to conform to the standards of NASA flight certification to the best of our ability, and will feature upgrades to our 2011 Second Generation (2G) Suit (pictured with Nik), including a higher operating pressure, a carbon fiber waist ring, a retractable helmet, and improved gloves and glove disconnects. Our plan is to complete construction of this 3G Suit before 2013.

Our 3G suit is intended for IVA, or Intra Vehicular Activity, that is, launch and re-entry, for commercial space providers both suborbital and orbital. Basically IVA suits are a safety backup in case of an emergency loss of cabin pressure, like the oxygen masks in commercial airliners. The future commercial space industry (SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, Virgin, Armadillo, XCOR, etc) will need these suits for the basic safety of manned flights. Current NASA suits cost well into the millions, while our 3G is intended to retail for a small fraction of this.