Gilmour Space to Launch Space Machines Company on First Eris Rocket

“This could well be the first Australian payload to be launched to orbit on an Australian rocket, from an Australian launch site.” – Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space. 

QUEENSLAND, Australia, 9 September 2020 — Homegrown rocket company, Gilmour Space Technologies, has secured the first Australian customer for its maiden Eris rocket launch in 2022. Space Machines Company has contracted to launch a 35-kilogram (kg) spacecraft to orbit, the largest payload announced to date by an Australian space company.  


Gilmour Space Achieves 45-second Milestone in Latest Hybrid Rocket Engine Test Fire

A successful 45-second engine burn. (Credit: Gilmour Space Technologies)

QUEENSLAND, 25 Jun 2020 (Gilmour Space Technologies PR) — Australia’s leading rocket company has reached another milestone in its mission to launch small satellites to space by 2022.

Rocket engineers at Gilmour Space Technologies in Queensland, Australia, have completed the first in a series of major technology demonstrations this year: a successful 45-second ‘hot fire’ of their upper-stage hybrid rocket engine. 


University of Queensland Works with Gilmour Space to Develop New Launch Vehicle

University of Queensland Deputy Director of the Centre for Hypersonics, Dr Ingo Jahn, with Postdoctoral researcher Joshua Keep at the Gilmour Space factory in Helensvale, Queensland. (Credit: University of Queensland)

Brisbane QLD (University of Queensland PR) — New technologies for a next-generation hybrid rocket that will launch small satellites into low-Earth orbits from 2022 are being developed in Queensland, thanks to a partnership between University of Queensland  researchers and Gilmour Space.