Endeavour Returns to California, Final Flight Set for Friday – UPDATED TIMES

Endeavour and the shuttle carrier aircraft over Houston (Credit: NASA)

NASA PR — Space shuttle Endeavour has returned to California, its state of origin, 21 years after rolling out of the Palmdale assembly facility. At 3:50 p.m. EDT, Endeavour, mounted atop NASA’s 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), landed at Edwards Air Force Base, just down the road from where it was built.

Following an overnight stay, the SCA and Endeavour will complete the ferry flight with a salute to the Edwards Air Force Base area early Friday. At 11 a.m. EDT (8 a.m. PDT), NASA Television will air the departure of Endeavour from Edwards as it begins its California flyover:


They will take off at 8:15 a.m. PDT (11:15 a.m. EDT) and make low-altitude flyovers of Palmdale, Lancaster, Rosamond and Mojave before heading north to Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Hi all.

I am making my way from Santa Clara to back to Mojave this afternoon. It’s a trip that will take about five hours and cover roughly 300 miles, but the distance traveled cannot be measured solely in time and distance. Instead, it is a voyage between two very different cultures.

Silicon Valley is a green, leafy place with shiny office buildings where talented engineers sit in cubicles writing software that makes billions of dollars. That software has helped to make user-friendly computers ubiquitous and connected the world via the Internet.

Silicon Valley has long since transitioned from the days where engineers labored in garages to produce the first personal computers. Most of the hardware production has all be shipped away to be done by low-wage workers in distant locales.


WhiteKnight Vehicles to Appear at Edwards Air Show

Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic pilots, staffers and investors. To his right is Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny, CEO of Aabar, which made a $280 million in Virgin Galactic.
Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic pilots, staffers and investors in front of the WhiteKnightTwo.


Scaled Composites’ White Knight One and White Knight Two aircraft will
be making a rare public appearance at the Edwards Air Force Base “Flight Test Nation 2009” Air Show and Open house on October 17, 2009.


Edwards AFB Air Show Set for Oct. 17


“Flight Test Nation” will make its inaugural flight Oct. 17 as Edwards Air Force Base heralds its test legacy and the 50th anniversary of the X-15 during its open house and air show.

Edwards is unveiling the new air show slogan to honor its long-standing pursuit of performance excellence and the rich aviation heritage it shares with neighbors in Antelope Valley.


Air Force, NASA to Fly Scramjets Out of Edwards

The Department of Defense and NASA plan to conduct high-altitude flight tests of advanced scram-jet technology beginning in 2011 that could lead to high-speed aircraft and next-generation space vehicles.

“The types of aircraft studied…are one-of-a kind research aircraft that will be developing new capabilities to fly efficiently at high speed within the atmosphere using supersonic combustion ramjet engines (Scramjet),” according to a description of the program.