E-Space Announces Largest Space Seed Round Ever to Democratize Space with Sustainable Satellites and Reduce Orbital Debris

  • $50M investment led by Prime Movers Lab will build the most sustainable satellite network in history and power a new era of space-based applications
  • E-Space is founded by industry pioneer Greg Wyler, who established both O3b Networks and OneWeb

STUART, Fla., and TOULOUSE, France, Feb. 7, 2022 (E-Space PR) – E-Space today announced it has closed the largest seed funding round in space technology history with a $50 million investment led by Prime Movers Lab.

E-Space is pioneering a new network, with filings in hand for potentially over one hundred thousand secure communication satellites, to help businesses and governments access the power of space to solve problems on Earth. Created by industry pioneer Greg Wyler, who previously founded both O3b Networks and OneWeb, E-Space is enabling a new generation of space-based communications capabilities. In a world where satellites are becoming space polluters, the new E-Space systems have the double bottom line of sustainability as they will eventually actively and sacrificially capture and deorbit small debris in space while performing their function as communications satellites.