Witt Celebrates 10 Years at Mojave Air and Space Port

by Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

Stuart Witt is celebrating his 10th anniversary as CEO and General Manager of the Mojave Air and Space Port. He reminisced a bit about his decade as head of the desert facility and looked ahead during a meeting of East Kern Airport District on Tuesday.

Witt recalled his first board meeting where everyone was very concerned about the future of the airport. But, the airport is now thriving as an R&D and test flight center where multiple companies are building the world’s most advanced aircraft and spaceships.

Board Chairman Jim Balentine said that Witt had given the airport strong direction and led it well.

“It’s been the gift of my life to be part of it,” Witt said.


Spaceport Sweden to Host TEDxKiruna on March 27

Kiruna, Sweden (Spaceport Sweden PR) — On Tuesday, March 27th, TEDx comes to above the Arctic Circle, bringing an inspiring day full of energy and ideas worth spreading.

TEDxKiruna will be held at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, on Tuesday March 27th from 9 am until 5 pm. The independently organized event, licensed by TED, is open to the public but requires application and registration at www.tedxkiruna.com. The full day will be streamed live through webcast on www.tedxkiruna.com.


Burt Rutan Recounts Emotional Voyager Flight

Burt Rutan came home to Mojave over the weekend, nine months after retiring from Scaled Composites and moving to Idaho. He was here to mark the 25th anniversary of Voyager’s non-stop flight around the world that his brother, Dick, and Jeana Yeager flew in 1986.

Burt Rutan spoke for two hours in a conference room in the Mojave Air and Space Port’s administration building on Saturday, holding an overflow crowd spellbound as he recounted the daring 9-day flight completed a quarter century this month.

Rutan gave the talk on Plane Crazy Saturday, a monthly open house held at the airport. The tarmac was filled with planes that Rutan had designed, and the parking lot was overflowing with cars as aviation enthusiasts flocked to Mojave to celebrate the historic flight. Later that day, a dinner was held at the Mariah Country Inn & Suites just outside the airport gates.