Bay Area Transit Chief Could Become Transportation Secretary

Bay Area transportation chief Heminger said to be atop short list for transportation secretary

San Jose Mercury News

“Steve Heminger, head of the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, is reportedly at or near the top of the list of finalists to be transportation secretary in the Barack Obama administration. Heminger, whose name has been in circulation for a few weeks on unofficial lists of Cabinet contenders, now is reportedly ‘in the rail position for the job,’ according to a column in Friday’s Washington Post.

“A spokesman for the MTC said Heminger is refusing to talk about the speculation and would not confirm the Post’s report that he has met with Obama.


Obama Transition Update: Richardson Finalist to Lead State

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson – a leading force behind Spaceport America – is a finalist to become the new Secretary of State, according to numerous published reports. President-elect Barack Obama is also considering Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for the position.

Meanwhile, transition teams are busy at work preparing for new leadership at NASA and the Department of Transportation, which includes the Federal Aviation Administration.


Oberstar at DOT Raises Heckles with NewSpace Supporters, Prospects for Regulation

Speculation that Rep. James Oberstar of Minnesota could become the next Secretary of Transportation has sent a chill running up and down the carbon composite spines of space tourism advocates. MSNBC‘s Alan Boyle has a nice summary at Cosmic Log:

“The idea that Oberstar might play a role in commercial space transportation has sparked concern on the part of New Space proponents such as Transterrestrial Musings’ Rand Simberg and Clark Lindsey over at RLV and Space Transport News.