Edgybees Satellite Software Brings Unprecedented Accuracy to Satellite Imagery

Next generation georegistration software boasts applications across industries, aligning satellite imagery to ground truth within two to three meters of accuracy

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (Edgybees PR) — Edgybees, the global leader in georegistration software, is announcing today the release of its Satellite Software to enhance the accuracy of satellite imagery. Edgybees Satellite Software aligns electro-optical satellite imagery to ground truth, within two to three meters of accuracy, in less than 15 seconds. The software vastly reduces discrepancies and provides clear and concise context to consumers of satellite imagery across industries.


Edgybees Appoints Craig Brower as President, US Government; to Lead Strategic Growth in Key Sector

Former Orbital Insight Vice President joins geospatial intelligence leader to expand company’s presence across US Government entities

GAITHERSBURG, Md., October 5, 2021 — Edgybees, the leading visual intelligence technology company, announced today the appointment of Craig Brower as President of US Government operations. Brower will lead Edgybees’ sales, engineering, operations, marketing, and strategic business development initiatives across the United States. Brower joins Edgybees shortly following strategic advisory board appointments from the company as it looks to secure and strengthen its position within the US government sector.  

Brower is the former Vice President and General Manager, Public Sector at Orbital Insight, a leading company in the geospatial data analytics sector. Prior to his role at Orbital Insight, Brower served as Vice President of Vricon, a geospatial-intelligence data and software provider and Senior Director of Business Development at the leading aerospace company, BAE Systems. Brower has over 30 years’ experience in the intelligence and defense industry, having first joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1989 working as a photographic specialist for the Directorate of Science and Technology’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. Brower holds a Photographic Science degree from Randolph Technical College and a Behavioral Science degree from National Louis University.