Trump Adds Commercial Space Advocate to NASA Transition Team

Donald Trump (Credit: Michael Vadon)
Donald Trump (Credit: Michael Vadon)

President elect Donald Trump has named commercial space backer Charles Miller to the NASA landing team amid reports that similar minded advocates will be added to transition group.

Miller is president of NexGen Space LLC, a company that advises clients on commercial, civil and national security space.  He previously served as NASA’s senior advisor for commercial space.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump officials are also working on appointing Alan Stern, chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, and Alan Lindenmoyer, who formerly managed NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program. Both nominations are in the process of being vetted for conflicts of interest.


Space Access ’11: Charles Miller on Fuel Depots and Railroads

ULA fuel depot

Charles Miller

  • These remarks are his own only, they are not pre-approved and do not represent official NASA policy
  • “We are winning, although it may not be as fast as those in this room would like”
  • In the middle of a paradigm shift – very exciting time
  • Last year, read a book about the transcontinental railroad – Asa Whitney, brother of Eli – developed the idea of a private/public partnership to build a railroad across the country
  • When he proposed it in 1844, was laughed out of Congress by skeptics
  • Asa Whitney never got to build the railroad or see the golden spike driven into the ground in Utah, but he was right
  • Many people see the commercial space dream as similarly crazy — they’re wrong