Carnival of Space 47: Artificial Gravity in Orbit, Rovers on Mars, and Life on Titan

The Martian Chronicles blog is hosting Carnival of Space 47, a collection of links to articles on a variety of space topics. The stories include:

  • An article by Darnell Clayton at Colony Worlds speculating about whether Bigelow Aerospace could alter the design of its planned space station to accommodate artificial gravity;
  • Animation of NASA’s Spirit rover scurrying around on the surface of Mars;
  • A summary of the science that would have been lost had NASA gone ahead with budget cuts in the Spirit and Opportunity programs;
  • Paul Gilster’s musings about possible life in an ocean below Titan’s frozen surface.

Carnival of Space #44: The Angry Red Planet Edition

Bad Astronomy is hosting the Carnival of Space, a regular collection of space-related articles. The 44th edition features just about everything you might want to know about the future of human exploration of Mars. Articles include:

    Stuart Atkinson writes about the Red Planet’s changing landscape
    Ian O’Neill discusses an early-warning system for solar flares to protect Martian colonists
    Colony Worlds has a piece on radiation hazards on other planets
    Ethan Siegel tells you why Mars colonists may go thirsty
    Nancy Atkinson discusses one-way, one-person trip to the Red Planet
    Next Big Future has a piece on how future explorers might travel to Mars using carbon nanotubes solar sails
    Mars Odyssey reviews how ISS experience could help us build a Martian spaceship
    And who will be first to Mars? Might it be an Indian or South Korean? Or a woman?

Check out these stories and more from the Carnival of Space at the Bad Astronomy site.