Cybersecurity from Space: Canadian Government Invests in Quantum Technology

LONGUEUIL, Quebec (CSA PR) — Our digital economy depends on keeping data safe from hackers. Cybersecurity is a priority for the Government of Canada. The Canadian Space Agency’s Quantum EncrYption and Science Satellite (QEYSSat) mission will test quantum technology that protects communications in space.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is awarding a contract worth $30 million to Honeywell for the design and implementation phases of the QEYSSat mission.


SpaceX Falcon 9 to Launch Canada’s RADARSAT Constellation Mission

RADARSAT Constellation Mission

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9
Launch Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Launch Time:7:17 a.m. PDT (10:17 a.m. EDT; 1417 GMT)
Launch Site: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Courtesy of Natural Resources Canada

The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is Canada’s newest generation of radar Earth Observation (EO) satellites that will contribute to a better understanding of Canada’s land and natural resources.


CSA Gets New President

CSA President Walter_Natynczyk
Walter Natynczyk

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today the following changes in the senior ranks of the Public Service:

General (Retired) Walter John Natynczyk, former Chief of the Defence Staff, becomes President of the Canadian Space Agency, effective August 6, 2013.

General (Retired) Walter John Natynczyk, C.M.M., MSC, CD


Business Administration Degree, Royal Roads Military College and Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, Quebec
Graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College, Toronto
Masters of Military Science, United States Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania


CSA, CNES Presidents to Depart

Steve MacLean

The Canadian and French space agencies will be getting new presidents over the next two months.

CSA President Dr. Steve MacLean will be stepping down on Feb. 1 for greener pastures in the private sector. The former astronaut, who flew in space twice, has served as the agency’s president since 2008.

CNES President Yannick d’Escatha will retire in mid-March when he turns 65, which is the mandatory retirement age for heads of government agencies in France. He has served in that position for a decade since his appointment on Feb. 19, 2003.


Canadian Aerospace Review’s Recommendations

The Aerospace Review report contains two volumes: Volume 1: Beyond the Horizon: Canada’s Interests and Future in Aerospace and Volume 2: Reaching Higher: Canada’s Interests and Future in Space.

The Space volume notes that Canada was a pioneer in space, and that Canada’s national interest demands that the country make effective use of space to unlock wealth, protect the environment and the population, and deliver services. This will be truer more than ever as the North opens and space technologies advance.


Report: Disorganized Canadian Aerospace Effort Unfocused, Underfunded

Ottawa, November 29, 2012—The aerospace and space sectors make critical contributions to Canada’s prosperity and security, but if those sectors are to remain vibrant and competitive over the next 20 to 30 years, relevant public policies and programs will need to keep pace with rapidly changing global conditions.

That is the central finding of the arm’s-length Aerospace Review, which was launched by the Government of Canada on February 27, 2012.


CSA Launches Canadian Space Science Challenge

Chris Hadfield (Credit: CSA)

Ottawa, Ontario, September 14, 2012 (CSA PR)— Can astronauts play hockey in space? Today astronaut Jeremy Hansen along with a grade 7 classroom, conducted a science experiment using a roll of scotch tape, pencils, a writing pad and a paper clip as part of an experiment to see if hockey could be played in zero-gravity. The hockey experiment is part of a new contest by the Canadian Space Agency that will see one lucky classroom’s experiment performed by Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station and streamed live on the Internet to the whole world, during a unique Earth to space connection at the winners’ school.


CSA Extends MDA Contract for ISS Support

Richmond, B.C. (MDA PR) – MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., a provider of essential information solutions, announced today that it has signed a contract amendment worth CA$14.7 million with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for logistics and sustaining engineering requirements for the Mobile Servicing System. This amendment extends the work through March 2013, bringing the total contract value to CA $152.7 million.


CSA Developing Revolutionary Space Medical Technology

CSA PR — State-of-the-art medical technology being developed to rapidly diagnose the health of astronauts in space could one day become standard equipment in your doctor’s office. The Canadian Space Agency is partnering with leading Canadian researchers to accelerate the development of these technologies and applications that may change how patients are diagnosed—both in space and here on Earth.


Canadian Government Renews ISS Commitment, Introduces Two New Space Projects

Québec City, Quebec, February 29, 2012 (CSA PR)  – The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency, today announced Canada’s intention to renew its commitment to the International Space Station (ISS). Alongside Steve MacLean, President of the Canadian Space Agency, Minister Paradis also unveiled two unique space projects, Microflow and Lab on a CD, designed to accelerate how patients are diagnosed, in space and on Earth.


Canada Launches Review of Aerospace and Space Programs

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, Feb 27, 2012 (Industry Canada PR) — Today, the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry, pledged continued government support of Canada’s aerospace and space sectors and officially launched the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies.

“The Harper Government is focusing on what matters to Canadians-job creation and economic growth,” said Minister Paradis. “Canadian aerospace and space sectors are leaders in their fields, and our government wants to ensure that they continue to create quality jobs across the country today and in the future. This comprehensive review will examine how we can maximize our efforts, together with industry, to sustain Canada’s leadership position.”


Canadian Space Sector Revenues Grew 14 Percent in 2010

A Message From the CSA President

I am pleased to take this opportunity to present the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) annual report, The State of the Canadian Space Sector 2010. Data gathered for this report measures change in the space sector on a number of indicators, such as sector and category of business activity, regional differences, the relative value of export revenues and the strength of our manufacturing base. I am happy to report that the findings for 2010 point to a robust 14% increase in total revenues over 2009 results, reaching $3.439B. Furthermore, an additional 692 positions were created across the country to employ the highly qualified men and women of the Canadian space sector workforce.


Canadarm2 Turns 10

Longueuil, Quebec, April 19, 2011 – Ten years ago today, Canadarm2 was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. A larger, more robust successor to the Shuttle’s Canadarm, Canadarm2 has provided a full decade of flawless service as the Station’s sophisticated “construction crane,” having assembled the ISS module by module in space.

Canadarm2 has unloaded hundreds of tons of equipment and supplies ferried by the shuttle and assisted almost 100 spacewalks. Endeavour’s last flight later this month will mark Canadarm2’s 28th Shuttle mission. Additionally, the robotic arm performed two “cosmic catches” where it captured, docked and later released two unpiloted Japanese resupply ships (HTV-1 and HTV-2).


CSA Funds Nano and Regenerative Medicine

CSA PR — Seven new research projects on regenerative medicine and nanomedicine received $16 million in funding. The studies, co-funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), were announced today at the University of Toronto by Dr. Colin Carrie, Member of Parliament for Oshawa; Dr. Jane Aubin, Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis; Mr. Gilles Leclerc, Director General, Space Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency; and Professor Peter Lewis, Associate Vice President (Research) at the University of Toronto.


Dextre Ready for its Closeup Aboard ISS


Much like his Earth-based counterparts, the Space Station’s robotic handyman, Dextre is on call for any situation that may arise. But Dextre also has a “to-do” list. His first official task will take place on February 2-4, 2011 when he unpacks the Japanese Kounotori2 HTV-2 cargo spaceship as it makes its second visit to the International Space Station (ISS). It will also mark the first time that the mobile base carries Canadarm2 with Dextre on the end.