Canada Moves Forward with Plans to Explore the Moon

This photograph of a nearly full Moon was taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft at a point above 70 degrees east longitude. Mare Crisium, the circular, dark-colored area near the center, is near the eastern edge of the Moon as viewed from Earth. (Credits: NASA)

Government of Canada’s Space Strategy supports the future of space exploration, space science and technology and jobs.

LONGUEUIL, Que., May 26, 2021 – As we plan for humanity’s return to the Moon, there is great potential for Canadian entrepreneurs and scientists to advance lunar science and technology. Canadians will play an important role in the highly competitive and innovative global supply chain of the expanding new space economy.

That is why, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry today announced investments of $3 million in technology initiatives for lunar exploration through the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).


SpaceX Wins License to Operate Starlink in Canada

SpaceX has received a Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) license from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to offer its Starlink satellite broadband service north of the border.


7 Nations Join U.S. in Signing the Artemis Accords

WASHINGTON (NASA PR) — International cooperation on and around the Moon as part of the Artemis program is taking a step forward today with the signing of the Artemis Accords between NASA and several partner countries. The Artemis Accords establish a practical set of principles to guide space exploration cooperation among nations participating in the agency’s 21st century lunar exploration plans.

“Artemis will be the broadest and most diverse international human space exploration program in history, and the Artemis Accords are the vehicle that will establish this singular global coalition,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “With today’s signing, we are uniting with our partners to explore the Moon and are establishing vital principles that will create a safe, peaceful, and prosperous future in space for all of humanity to enjoy.”


Harper, Trump & Science a la Carte: A Warning From Canada

Stephen Harper and cat.
Stephen Harper and cats.

Canadian science writer Graham Templeton says the election of Donald Trump and a Republican controlled Congress threatens a repeat of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s nine-year war on science.

Though Americans might be surprised to hear it, Canada offers a good example of why there is a very real need to worry, and of how the coming anti-science administration could realistically affect all of national research. My home and native land has been a fair ways down the road America is just now preparing to travel and, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the endpoint is absolutely disastrous….


Canadian MP Forms New Parliamentary Space Caucus

Canadian_Parliament_HillOttawa, Canada (Jay Aspin PR) – Jay Aspin, MP for Nipissing-Timiskaming announced today the establishment of a parliamentary Space Caucus which he will Chair. A Space Caucus has been established to focus on priorities unique to the Space Industry.

“The commercial space industry is a booming sector,” said MP Jay Aspin. “In Canada, the sector contributes over $3.4 billion to the economy and employs well over 8,000 people in high-paying and very high-skilled jobs. With the strategic partnership of Canadore College and Swiss Space Systems (S3) this year, our region became a part of this new economic engine.”


Canada: Industry Minister Reaffirms Government’s Commitment to Aerospace SMEs

Ottawa, Ontario, May 23, 2013 (AIAC PR) –
In a speech given at an Aéro Montréal event today, the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry, reiterated the government’s ongoing commitment to Canada’s aerospace industry. In particular, he highlighted several key measures included in Economic Action Plan 2013 that support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including steps the government has taken to implement the recommendations made by the Honourable David Emerson, Head of the Aerospace Review, in the report that Mr. Emerson presented to the government in November 2012.


AIAC Backs Economic Action Plan for Aerospace

OTTAWA, Ontario (AIAC PR) —
The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is very pleased with measures announced in the Economic Action Plan 2013 released today in Ottawa.

“The measures announced in the 2013 Economic Action Plan constitute an excellent short-term response to the Aerospace Review report released in December,” said Jim Quick, President & CEO of AIAC.


Aerospace Industry Encouraged by Jenkins Report on Leveraging Canadian Procurement

Ottawa, Ontario (AIAC PR)
– The Aerospace Industries of Canada (AIAC) welcomes a report submitted today by Tom Jenkins, Special Advisor to the Minister of PWGSC on leveraging Defence Procurement through Key Industrial Capabilities.

“This report represents an important step in the Government’s efforts to ensure that Canada fully leverages defence procurement,” said Jim Quick, President & CEO of AIAC.


Mixed Results for Canadian Space Sector in 2011

Longueuil, Quebec (CSA PR) — In presenting: The State of the Canadian Space Sector 2011, [Download here] our annual report on the health of Canada’s Space Industry, I want to draw your attention to key data, which measures change in the space sector using a number of indicators, such as sector and category of business activity, regional differences, the value of export revenues and the strength of our manufacturing base.

The results for 2011 were mixed. After four years of successive and sustained growth, this year saw only modest growth pegged at 1.3% overall, with total revenues in the space sector edging to reach $3.483 Billion. Domestic revenues increased by 4.8%, while exports dropped by 2.2%. At the same time, after three years of growth, the space sector workforce stalled and shed 9% or 762 space-related positions, among them 471 highly qualified persons in 2011.


Canadian Aerospace Summit Draws Large Crowd

Ottawa (Ontario), December 6, 2012 (AIAC PR) –- The importance of aerospace trade was highlighted at today’s conclusion of the Canadian Aerospace Summit, an event that drew a record-breaking attendance that included an A-list of aerospace industry executives, as well as foreign diplomats and senior Canadian federal officials.

“Canada’s world-class aerospace sector is an international success story,” said the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. “By supporting tens of thousands of good jobs that families rely on in every region of the country and contributing billions to the Canadian economy, aerospace is a sector that symbolizes Canadian excellence. Our government is committed to ensuring this vital industry benefits from new markets that we are opening as part of the most ambitious trade expansion plan in our nation’s history.”


Canadian Aerospace Review’s Recommendations

The Aerospace Review report contains two volumes: Volume 1: Beyond the Horizon: Canada’s Interests and Future in Aerospace and Volume 2: Reaching Higher: Canada’s Interests and Future in Space.

The Space volume notes that Canada was a pioneer in space, and that Canada’s national interest demands that the country make effective use of space to unlock wealth, protect the environment and the population, and deliver services. This will be truer more than ever as the North opens and space technologies advance.


Report: Disorganized Canadian Aerospace Effort Unfocused, Underfunded

Ottawa, November 29, 2012—The aerospace and space sectors make critical contributions to Canada’s prosperity and security, but if those sectors are to remain vibrant and competitive over the next 20 to 30 years, relevant public policies and programs will need to keep pace with rapidly changing global conditions.

That is the central finding of the arm’s-length Aerospace Review, which was launched by the Government of Canada on February 27, 2012.


AIAC Praises Appointment of Defense Procurement Special Advisor

OTTAWA, Ontario (AIAC PR) –
The Aerospace Industries of Canada (AIAC) released the following statement in response to the appointment of Mr. Tom Jenkins as Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works:

The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada is very pleased with today’s announcement that Mr. Tom Jenkins has been appointed as the Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works on matters related to the defence procurement process. Mr. Jenkins’ appointment demonstrates yet again that the Harper Government is truly committed to making a better use of military procurement in order to maximize high-value jobs for Canadians and drive innovation into the Canadian industry and economy.


Outcome of Review Vital to Canada’s Aerospace Industry

Abbotsford, British Columbia (AIAC PR) –
David Schellenberg, Chairman of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) and President and CEO of Cascade Aerospace and the Conair Group stated today that the outcome of the current Aerospace Review led by the Honourable David Emerson will be critical to the future of the Canadian aerospace industry.


Canadian Aerospace Grew 6.7 Percent in 2011

Farnborough (United Kingdom), July 9, 2012 (AIAC PR) –
The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) today released performance results for Canada’s aerospace industry in 2011:

  • Industry revenue reached $22.4 billion, representing a 6.7% increase from 2010.
  • Aircraft, aircraft parts and components remained the largest revenue segment, totalling $11 billion and 49% of overall revenues.
  • 87,200 workers were directly employed by the aerospace industry, representing a 7.6% increase from 2010. More than 19,000 of these employees are engineers and scientific staff. (more…)