Survey: Americans Support Entrepreneurs in Space But Want Improvements on Earth

NEW YORK (Brodeur Partners PR) — Respondents support private sector leadership in space but worry about privacy and want to see benefits, according to poll by Brodeur Space Group.

Americans want private companies to seize opportunities in space –but they want that to translate into better life on Earth.

That’s the upshot of the Brodeur Space Entrepreneur 2017 Survey.


Brodeur Partners Launches Entrepreneurial Space Group

BOSTON, Sept. 27, 2017 (Brodeur Partners PR) — Brodeur Partners today announced the Brodeur Space Group, a new practice dedicated to helping clients seize opportunities beyond our planet.

The NewSpace economy is here as emerging companies develop satellites, organize space tours in space, plan to mine asteroids, and imagine cities on Mars. These developments are gathering momentum as the federal government actively supports the private space push, and household-name consumer companies reimagine the possibilities of life and commerce in space.