ISPCS Panel Discussion: Platforms for Innovation

ispcs_logoPlatforms for Innovation

Chair: Jeff Foust, Editor, The Space Review


  • Steve Isakowitz, President,Virgin Galactic
  • Brett Alexander, Director, Business Development and Strategy at Blue Origin
  • Khaki Rodway, Director, Payload Sales and Operations, XCOR Aerospace


  • LA [Michael Lopez-Alegria] says @jeff_foust is a certified “Smart Guy” – and he’s ready to roll at #ISPCS (Kay Anderson ‏@SpaceRiter)
  • Reply to @SpaceRiter @jeff_foust — So the vehicles they are flying will be licensed but not certified, but there’s a certification for Smart Guys. Huh! (
  • Watching @jeff_foust on the podium at #ISPCS talk about the various types of innovation quoting from Jon Gertner’s book (Wayne Hale ‏@waynehale)


CSF President Alexander Appointed to NASA Advisory Council



Bretton Alexander, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, has been appointed by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to the NASA Advisory Council, a federally chartered body of experts that provides advice and counsel directly to the NASA Administrator. Additionally, Alexander has been selected to chair the newly formed Commercial Space Committee of the NASA Advisory Council.