BitcoinLatina Foundation, CubeCab to Launch 300 Satellite Network to Support BCL Blockchain

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (BitcoinLatina PR) — Building on the promises of Bitcoin, the BitcoinLatina Foundation announced it is planning on constructing a private satellite constellation dedicated to facilitate the use of uninterrupted distributed applications across its distributed peer-to-peer computer network.  The Foundation’s launch provider, CubeCab, will use this constellation to demonstrate a very high launch rate, an achievement long known to be necessary to significantly reduce cost of access to Earth orbit.

“Latin American has many areas with poor Internet access,” said John Gotts, CEO of the BitcoinLatina Foundation.  “Internet access is usually required to make use of distributed applications on blockchains such as BitcoinLatina, so we are developing satellites and cheap, easy to use ground terminals to bypass the problem.  Previous attempts at satellite-enabled cryptocurrencies have mostly failed for want of monetization, but a network dedicated to financial transactions has several easy solutions to pay for itself.”