The Daily Show Looks at Mars One

Video Caption: Desi Lydic meets with a Mars One candidate and the company’s CEO to investigate whether or not the initiative was ever anything more than an elaborate marketing scam.

Mars One: What’s in a Number?

MarsOne_logoAny group that attempts to colonize Mars will need to be very, very good with numbers. They will need good mathematical skills to figure out trajectories, entry paths, landing velocity, consumables per person, and a whole host of things that will determine success or failure.

So, if you see a group dedicated to Mars colonization that is playing fast and loose with the numbers, be wary. Be very, very wary.

Which brings us to Mars One and its ebullient founder, Bas Lansdorp.

“In the 5 month application period, Mars One received interest from 202,586 people from around the world, wanting to be amongst the first human settlers on Mars,” the group boasted in a press release published on Monday.

Two hundred thousand people. Wow, that sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Actually, it does, with an emphasis on the “in”.