Audacy Shut Down Last Year

SpaceNews reports that Audacy shut down operations last year after the company failed to obtain investment to build an inter-satellite communications network in orbit.

Audacy’s name was a nod to the ambitious nature of the undertaking. After learning of the plan to create a commercial version of NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay network, someone called the effort “audacious.”

Audacy began laying off employees in January 2019, soon after the firm failed to make contact with a technology demonstration satellite launched in December 2018 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket rideshare mission. In May, two of Audacy’s three cofounders left and the firm closed its offices in Mountain View, California, and Singapore.

Audacy CEO Ralph Ewig continued seeking investment until August when the firm defaulted on its debt.

Audacy Secures More than $100 Million in Pre-service Agreements

Mountain View, CA, October 1, 2018 (Audacy PR)
– Audacy, a space communications service provider deploying the first commercially licensed inter-satellite data relay network in human history, announced today that it had achieved a significant milestone by securing pre-service commercial agreements valued at over US$100 Million.

The companies represented in these agreements span across the globe and over a wide range of space applications including NGSO Earth Observation satellites, IoT and Broadband constellations, launch vehicles and deep space missions.


Audacy Receives FCC License for First Commercial Inter-satellite Data Relay Network

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 7, 2018 (Audacy PR)  – Audacy announced today that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted Audacy a license to operate the first commercial inter-satellite data relay network. Audacy will use the spectrum to provide real-time downlink, continuous monitoring, and always-on command services to customers’ LEO spacecraft.


Luxembourg to Launch a Fund Offering Financial Support for Space Resources Industry

LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg Government PR – To promote Luxembourg as a European hub for the exploration and commercial use of space resources, the Ministry of the Economy conducted from April 9th to April 13th an economic mission headed by Luxembourg’s Crown Prince to the U.S. West Coast. The mission aimed to identify and develop new business opportunities and to promote the governmental initiative that offers an attractive overall framework for space resource utilization related activities, including but not limited to the legal regime to provide private companies and investors with a secure legal environment as of the ownership of resources gathered in space.