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Video: Deep Space Industries David Gump on Asteroid Mining


Deep Space Industries CEO David Gump talks about asteroid mining.

A Video Primer on Outer Space Property Rights


Video Caption: A 1967 United Nations treaty states that outer space isn’t up for grabs.This hasn’t stopped at least one entrepreneur from selling land on our closest celestial neighbors. Scientific American editor Clara Moskowitz explains.

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Deep Space Industries Opens Retail Website


HOUSTON, Texas, August 26, 2013 (DSI PR) –
While you may not be able to get there yet, Deep Space Industries is offering you the chance to participate in the opening of space while showing the world you are in the know, be it on your wall, on your desk or even on your body.

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Spacevidcast Looks at the Complexity of Mining Asteroids


Video Caption: Mining asteroids isn’t easy and now with some new scientific data it may actually be even harder than we originally thought! What are the risks and how do we overcome them? Check out this SpacePod for your answers!

New NASA Mission to Help Us Learn How to Mine Asteroids

This is an artist's concept of NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft preparing to take a sample from asteroid Bennu. Image Credit:  NASA/Goddard/Chris Meaney

This is an artist’s concept of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft preparing to take a sample from asteroid Bennu. (Credit: NASA/Goddard/Chris Meaney)

By William Steigerwald
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.

Over the last hundred years, the human population has exploded from about 1.5 billion to more than seven billion, driving an ever-increasing demand for resources. To satisfy civilization’s appetite, communities have expanded recycling efforts while mine operators must explore forbidding frontiers to seek out new deposits, opening mines miles underground or even at the bottom of the ocean.

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Engineers Identify 12 Easily Retrievable Asteroids


The authors of a newly published scientific paper have identified a dozen asteroids that can be easily moved to stable locations near Earth for scientific investigation and mining using current technologies.

“This paper has shown that the retrieval of a full asteroid is well within today’s technological capabilities, and that there exists a series of objects with potential to be temporarily captured into libration point orbits,” the three authors write. “We define these objects as Easily Retrievable Objects (EROs)….Indeed, the paper presents a list of 12 EROs, with a total of 25 trajectories to periodic orbits near L2 and 6 near L1 below a cost of 500 m/s, and the number of these objects is expected to grow considerably in the coming years.”

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Planetary Resources Raises $1.5 Million on Kickstarter


Bellevue, Washington, July 1, 2013 (Planetary Resources PR) –
Planetary Resources, Inc., the asteroid mining company, successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign yesterday to launch ARKYD – the world’s first public space telescope. Over the course of the 33-day campaign, the company generated support from more than 17,600 backers who pledged US$1,505,366 for the cause. This marks the most successful crowdfunding effort for a space project and ranks the ARKYD campaign among the top 25 projects in Kickstarter history.

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Branson Joins Planetary Resources Core Group of Investors


This bit of news came in an email from Chris Lewicki during the closing hours of Planetary Resources’ Kickstarter campaign:

We are pleased to announce that Sir Richard Branson has joined Planetary Resources’ core group of investors.

“I’m excited to be part of the Planetary Resources’ team working on extracting precious minerals from near Earth asteroids.  The only way to truly explore our Solar System is to develop the technology and means to sustain our presence in space without depleting resources of Earth.” – Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group.

AND . . . he is so excited that the ARKYD will provide unprecedented public access to space, he has generously made his own campaign pledge of $100,000 to support interactive programming to strengthen STEM education, and to move us closer to our remaining three stretch goals.

The remaining stretch goals have been reduced by $100,000 thanks Sir Richard Branson’s substantial pledge to ARKYD – A Space Telescope For Everyone.

Planetary Resources’ main investors include Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google Co-founder and President Larry Page, Google Fouding Board Member K. Ram Shriram, H. Ross Perot, Jr., and Charles Simonyi. All except Simonyi are on Forbes 2013 list of billionaires.

Other investors include: Robert Hariri, MD, Executive Chairman, Celegene Therapeutics; Rena Shulsky David, president and CEO of Shire Realty; Raymie Stata, entrepreneur and former Chief Technology Officer of Yahoo! and Kimberly Sweidy; and John C. Whitehead, former Chair and CEO of Goldman Sachs and 9th U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.

3D Systems Announces Investment, Collaboration Deal with Planetary Resources

Arkyd 100 spacecraft. (Credit: Planetary Resources)

Arkyd 100 spacecraft. (Credit: Planetary Resources)

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, June 26, 2013 (3D Systems PR) –- 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) and Planetary Resources, Inc. today announced that 3D Systems has joined Planetary Resources’ core group of investors and will be a collaborative partner in assisting Planetary Resources to develop and manufacture components of its ARKYD Series of spacecraft using its advanced 3D printing and digital manufacturing solutions.

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Planetary Resources Launches Arkyd T-shirt Design Contest with Freelancer.com

Arkyd 100 spacecraft. (Credit: Planetary Resources)

Arkyd 100 spacecraft. (Credit: Planetary Resources)

SYDNEY, June 17th 2013 (Freelancer.com PR) – High value contests on Freelancer.com continue to achieve out of this world results for businesses.

Planetary Resources, a company dedicated to space exploration and resource discovery, has taken the first step towards making space accessible to everyone. Planetary Resources has turned to both crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, in partnership with Freelancer.com, to involve global communities in building, promoting and launching the first publicly accessible, orbiting space telescope, the ARKYD.

Planetary Resources, backed by visionaries Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and director James Cameron, has partnered with Freelancer.com to run a $7,000 “Design a T-Shirt” contest allowing every designer in the world to enter their designs and have the chance to become part of history.

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