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Ansari X Prize 10th Anniversary Webcast


The Ansari X Prize 10th anniversary webcast from Saturday featuring Burt Rutan, Anousheh Ansari, Chuck Beames, Brian Binnie, Mike Melvill, Richard Branson and Peter Diamandis.

Space Travel Alliance to Offer Variety of Services


space_travel_allianceKIRUNA, Sweden (STA PR) — Space Travel Alliance (STA) is a new Swedish venture aiming to make the dream of space discovery a reality to mankind with the vision to become the premier European space travel company. Operating from Spaceport Sweden, STA will offer commercial suborbital spaceflights for tourism, research, development and education, astronaut training and space adventures.

“We are at the dawn of a new space era and with Space Travel Alliance we seek to leverage Sweden’s rich space heritage and launch not only spaceships but also new careers and contribute to regional development”, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Space Travel Alliance.

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Video: Anousheh Ansari Talks About Space Exploration


Space tourist Anousheh Ansari speaks during the recent TEDxMidTownNY event.

Ansari, Garver to Appear at SFF TEDx Event in New York Next Week


Anousheh Ansari


The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) will sponsor the first TEDxMidTownNY event to discuss the continued importance of exploration with X-Prize Cofounder Anousheh Ansari and Deputy Administrator of NASA Lori Garver. TEDxMidTownNY is a local, independently organized event to be held on September 14th, 2010 at 7 PM at the Explorers Club in New York, NY.

A diverse group of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, adventurers, investors, teachers, and students will share their perspective and leave the event inspired to improve the collective future of humanity through space exploration. Tickets are available now through the Explorers’ Club website.

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Video: Anousheh Ansari Talks Space Tourism


Millionaut Anousheh Ansari talks about space tourism.

“Space Tourists” Film Maker Describes Project


Popuar Mechanics has an interesting interview with Christian Frei, the director of the Space Tourists documentary who was honored at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

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“Space Tourists” Documentary Premieres at Sundance


Space Tourists — Film Review
The Hollywood Reporter

Even us Baby Boomers who got advanced math shoved down our throats in the wake of Yuri Gagarin’s trek aboard Sputnik, and couldn’t care less about outer space, will be entertained by this spry, melancholy glimpse into the last half-century’s race to space. “Space Tourists’ ” informative and engaging trajectory should land it on cable somewhere: History and Discovery come to mind as orbit platforms….

With its nicely languid story loopings, including a team of scrap metal scavengers who retrieve the re-entry detritus for its precious titanium, “Space Tourists” is a multi-dimensional glimpse into dreams and obsessions. Filmmaker Frei smartly interweaves the pride that many felt because of the space program’s accomplishments while visualizing its down-to-earth, economic failings.

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Space Tourists Documentary to Screen at Sundance


Space Tourists is one of 12 documentaries that will screen at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The film follows millionaut Anousheh Ansari on her journey to the International Space Station. The film was directed by Christian Frei, who was nominated for an Oscar for his documentary War Photographer.

Documentary Looks at Ansari’s Space Tourism Flight


Filmmaking, Sumo and Space Tourism Take Flight at IDFA

Swiss director Christian Frei also had huge bureaucratic hurdles to deal with for his look at the rising number of space tourists who pay millions for the chance to reach orbit via the Russian space agency. Frei takes his camera to remote Kazakhstan where the Soviet Union built its “Star City,” a secretive but once proud town that was the center of the USSR’s thriving space program where the first satellite, Sputnik, launched the space race back in the ‘50s.

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Anousheh Ansari Wins NCWIT Award


Anousheh Ansari

Anousheh Ansari


The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) today announced the winner of its first annual NCWIT Symons Innovator Award, Anousheh Ansari.

Ms. Ansari is Chair, CEO and Co-founder of Prodea Systems, a company addressing the challenges of complex digital home and small-business environments. Prior to founding Prodea Systems, Ms. Ansari served as Co-founder, Chair, and CEO of Telecom Technologies, Inc., which in 2001 successfully merged with Sonus Networks, Inc., in a deal worth approximately $750M.

Ms. Ansari also is the first woman private explorer in space and the first astronaut of Iranian descent. The Ansari family provided title sponsorship for the Ansari X Prize, a $10 million award to inspire the first non-governmental manned spacecraft, driving the commercialization of the space industry.

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