Bridenstine Releases American Space Renaissance Act

Rep. Jim Bridenstine
Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) has released a draft of the American Space Renaissance Act, which he says will

  • project military strength and protect our space based capabilities
  • provide certainty to encourage commercial space innovation
  • promote stability, accountability, and mission clarity at NASA

The 110-page (!) bill is aimed at a major overhaul of American military, civil and commercial policies. It includes such changes as appointing the NASA administrator to a five-year term, creating a Congressional appointed board to oversee the space agency, and giving NASA a clear mandate to pioneer space.

Personally, I can’t imagine any sane president handing control of NASA over to Congress. And yes, I realize sane may not describe some of the current candidates for that office, so anything could happen.

Bridenstine has created a website where the provisions of the bill are explained and people can submit comments about them.

I will provide a more in-depth analysis of the provisions on Parabolic Arc once I get an opportunity to review them.