ANA & Marubeni to Establish Spaceport in Japan

A planned suborbital space plane. Credit: (PD AeroSpace Ltd./Koike Terumasa Design and Aerospace)

Nikkei Asian Review reports on efforts to establish a new spaceport in Japan.

All Nippon Airways operator ANA Holdings and trading house Marubeni will set up a spaceport in Japan as early as 2021, Nikkei has learned.

The launch site, equivalent to a seaport for ships or an airport for aircraft, will be for private space travel, and feature 3-km runways for craft that take off horizontally like airplanes….

The two companies, together with four other partners — including Airbus Japan, satellite broadcaster Sky Perfect JSAT and real estate company Mitsui Fudosan — have established a company named Spaceport Japan to advance the project. The Tokyo-based team will begin work on Friday.

ANA is working with PD Aerospace on developing a suborbital space plane.

ANA and JAXA Celebrate Space By Serving Unique Space Meals In-Flight

Beef curry meal option for passengers in Premium Economy and Economy Class. First Class and Business Class passengers can order the beef curry as light dish anytime. (Credit: ANA)

TOKYO, August 27, 2018 (JAXA PR) – All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are partnering to take passengers on the Narita-Houston flight out of this world in honor of Space Day and Sky Day. “Space Flight 2018” passengers will get to taste actual Japanese space meals and view special space-related video content to honor the future of exploration. “Space Flight 2018” can be experienced on all classes on the Narita-Houston flight from September 12-20.