Lockheed Martin Selects Kodiak for Athena, Eyes Medium-Lift Market

DENVER, March 2, 2012 (LM PR) – Lockheed Martin Corporation announced today that it has chosen Alaska’s Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) as its dedicated West Coast launch facility for Athena rocket launches.  The company’s decision will enable Alaska Aerospace Corporation to move ahead with plans to expand its space launch capabilities.  Lockheed Martin has been working with the state of Alaska and Alaska Aerospace Corporation on expansion plans for the new medium–lift launch pad to support potential Athena III launches.

“Our nation needs affordable lift to meet current and projected demands at a time of declining budgets and economic pressures,” said John Karas, vice president and general manager, Human Space Flight, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.  “The leadership demonstrated by Governor Sean Parnell by investing in space launch infrastructure is a model for our nation and provides tremendous incentive to partner with the state and expand the aerospace industry in Alaska.”


Weldon: No Conflict Between Alaska and Florida Launch Sites

Responding to critics back home, former Florida Space Coast Congressman David Weldon has defended his decision to serve on the board of the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reports:

“Weldon said his interests and involvement with NASA and Cape Canaveral space projects would not conflict with those of Alaska’s because the two do not compete: Florida does equatorial launches and AADC’s Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) does polar launches.”