Canadian Aerospace Summit Draws Large Crowd

Ottawa (Ontario), December 6, 2012 (AIAC PR) –- The importance of aerospace trade was highlighted at today’s conclusion of the Canadian Aerospace Summit, an event that drew a record-breaking attendance that included an A-list of aerospace industry executives, as well as foreign diplomats and senior Canadian federal officials.

“Canada’s world-class aerospace sector is an international success story,” said the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. “By supporting tens of thousands of good jobs that families rely on in every region of the country and contributing billions to the Canadian economy, aerospace is a sector that symbolizes Canadian excellence. Our government is committed to ensuring this vital industry benefits from new markets that we are opening as part of the most ambitious trade expansion plan in our nation’s history.”


AIAC Names New Chairwoman

Ottawa (Ontario), December 5, 2012 (AIAC PR) – Hélène V. Gagnon, Vice President of Public Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, has been elected Chair of the Board of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada for 2012-2013. Ms. Gagnon succeeds David Schellenberg, President of Cascade Aerospace, who occupied the role over the course of the past year.

“I am greatly honoured to serve as Chair of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) for 2012-2013, and I look forward to working with the Board and membership over the coming year as we face the challenges and unparalleled opportunities which lie ahead,” said Ms. Gagnon.


Aerospace Review Takes Limelight at Canadian Aerospace Summit

Ottawa (Ontario), December 5, 2012  (AIAC PR) – A federally mandated report released last week proposing urgent and strong action required for Canada’s aerospace industry to maintain its global leadership position is spurring action at a national aerospace summit now taking place in Ottawa.

Led by former Cabinet Minister David Emerson, the comprehensive, arm’s length Aerospace Review – released on November 29 – proposes bold steps, including a number of fiscally neutral solutions and improvements to Canadian aerospace policies and programs, to protect Canadian economic interests amid the sector’s increasingly competitive and complex global realities.


AIAC Welcomes Canadian Aerospace Review Report

OTTAWA, Ont. (AIAC PR) — Strong recommendations for industry and government contained in an independently conducted review of Canada’s aerospace industry and factors influencing its future competitiveness have garnered support from the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada.

Produced by the Honourable David Emerson, the recently completed report “Beyond the Horizon: Canada’s Interest and Future in Aerospace” is the product of an official Aerospace Review mandated by the Government of Canada in February 2012.


AIAC Praises Appointment of Defense Procurement Special Advisor

OTTAWA, Ontario (AIAC PR) –
The Aerospace Industries of Canada (AIAC) released the following statement in response to the appointment of Mr. Tom Jenkins as Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works:

The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada is very pleased with today’s announcement that Mr. Tom Jenkins has been appointed as the Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works on matters related to the defence procurement process. Mr. Jenkins’ appointment demonstrates yet again that the Harper Government is truly committed to making a better use of military procurement in order to maximize high-value jobs for Canadians and drive innovation into the Canadian industry and economy.


Outcome of Review Vital to Canada’s Aerospace Industry

Abbotsford, British Columbia (AIAC PR) –
David Schellenberg, Chairman of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) and President and CEO of Cascade Aerospace and the Conair Group stated today that the outcome of the current Aerospace Review led by the Honourable David Emerson will be critical to the future of the Canadian aerospace industry.


Canadian Aerospace Grew 6.7 Percent in 2011

Farnborough (United Kingdom), July 9, 2012 (AIAC PR) –
The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) today released performance results for Canada’s aerospace industry in 2011:

  • Industry revenue reached $22.4 billion, representing a 6.7% increase from 2010.
  • Aircraft, aircraft parts and components remained the largest revenue segment, totalling $11 billion and 49% of overall revenues.
  • 87,200 workers were directly employed by the aerospace industry, representing a 7.6% increase from 2010. More than 19,000 of these employees are engineers and scientific staff. (more…)

AIAC Welcomes New Vice President of Policy and Competitiveness

Ottawa (Ontario), May 8, 2012 (AIAC PR) – The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is pleased to announce the addition of Lucie Boily to its team as Vice President of Policy and Competitiveness, effective May 22, 2012.

“We are very happy that Ms. Boily has agreed to join the AIAC team,” said Jim Quick, AIAC’s President and CEO. “Lucie has a deep understanding of the aerospace industry that has come from years of experience in both the private and public sector. Her ability to develop and articulate forward-thinking, strategic policy will be of immense value to the AIAC, our members, and the Canadian aerospace industry.”


Groups Praise New CSA-JAXA Cooperative Agreement

By Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) are hailing a new memorandum of understanding signed by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) that deeps space cooperation between the two nations.

“Several Canadian Space companies have strong scientific and business relations with Japan. This MOU will strengthen our ties with the Japanese space community in ways which will benefit both nations scientifically and economically,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of AIAC, in a press release.