AGI Spins off Cesium to Fuel Growth of its 3D Geospatial Platform

PHILADELPHIA, July 9, 2019 (Cesium/AGI PR) — Cesium and Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI) are thrilled to announce the launch of Cesium, a newly independent company and the first spinout company from AGI. The new venture kicks off with a $5 million Series A investment from Falcon Global Capital to fuel the growth of Cesium’s platform enabling software developers and data providers to build dynamic, interactive 3D geospatial applications.


Asteroid Institute Announces Google Cloud, AGI as New Partners for ADAM Project

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., February 28, 2018 (B612 Foundation PR) — The Asteroid Institute today announced Google Cloud and AGI as new technology partners in the development of the Asteroid Decision Analysis and Mapping (ADAM) project. ADAM is being designed as a cloud-based platform to provide analytical tools to help scientists, world leaders, and citizens understand the unprecedented flood of asteroid discoveries expected within the coming decade.

The ADAM Cloud Platform will support transparent analysis of asteroid data with open and published algorithms. The fact that scientists worldwide will be able to build upon and extend the analytical tools will allow ADAM to act as a baseline for comparison and collaboration. ADAM will be used to assess threatening situations, identify and trade-off possible realistic courses of action and create actionable decision making data.


AGI Tracking Two Satellites From Chinese Long March 5 Launch

agi_comspocEXTON, Pa., USA (AGI PR): Analytical Graphics, Inc.’s (AGI) Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC) is demonstrating unparalleled commercial innovation in the swift and accurate tracking of the inaugural launch of a new, more capable Chinese rocket with two apparent payloads, one of which is the reported Shijian-17 experimental satellite. This display of technological readiness and responsiveness utilizing varied sources of commercial sensor data, bolsters the growing awareness that commercial space situational awareness (SSA) services provide a viable source for monitoring activities in space.


CSF Adds New Member Companies

CSF_logo2WASHINGTON, D.C. (CSF PR) — The Commercial Spaceflight Federation welcomed several new member companies at its Executive Board meeting this week, expanding its membership to more than 60 companies.

Spaceport Camden of Camden County, Georgia joined CSF as an Executive Member. Steve Howard, Spaceport Camden project leader, will represent his organization on the CSF Board of Directors. “CSF’s mission strategically aligns with Camden’s goals, and we are pleased to join other industry leaders as part of this organization,” Howard said.


How to Track the Flight of Cygnus

Artist's conception of Orbital Sciences Corporation's Cygnus freighter approaching the International Space Station.
Artist’s conception of Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Cygnus freighter approaching the International Space Station.

Cygnus Mission Update
Via Orbital Sciences Corporation

Our friends at AGI have developed a slick interactive 2D/3D simulation that allows you to track in real-time the location of Cygnus as it orbits the Earth during its rendezvous and berthing with the International Space Station. The simulation is built on AGI’s Cesium platform, which is supported by recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer is supported by using the Chrome Frame plugin. Safari is not currently supported. Read more at the Cesium FAQ page:

Here is the link to the Cygnus simulation:

Virgin Galactic Using AGI Software for WhiteKnightTwo

WhiteKnightTwo descends as it flies chase for SpaceShipTwo during a drop test on Aug. 11, 2012.
WhiteKnightTwo descends as it flies chase for SpaceShipTwo during a drop test on Aug. 11, 2012.

Exton, PA, USA, January 7, 2013 (AGI PR)—Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the producer of commercial modeling and analysis software for the space, defense and intelligence communities, today announced that Virgin Galactic is using its Systems Tool Kit (STK) Aircraft Mission Modeler (AMM) software to create realistic simulated flight paths for WhiteKnightTwo, a jet-powered heavy-lift aircraft designed by Scaled Composites.