Original Firefly Shareholders Sue Firefly’s Markusic, Polyakov Alleging Fraud

Tom Markusic

by Douglas Messier
Managing Editor

A group of original shareholders in the defunct Firefly Space Systems have accused co-founder and CEO Tom Markusic of fraudulently conspiring with Ukrainian billionaire Maxym Polyakov to force the rocket company into bankruptcy in 2017 and reconstitute it under a nearly identical name without giving them any stake in the new venture.

Markusic “betrayed the trust of his original co-founders and investors and committed fraud to cut them out of his aerospace company. Instead of managing the operations of the Original Firefly, a revolutionary rocket company with endless potential, Markusic schemed with…Maxym Polyakov…to rob Plaintiffs of their investments and form a new company called Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (the ‘New Firefly’),” the plaintiffs said in a lawsuit.


Haas 2CA Flight Animation & Vehicle Specifications

Video Caption: Introducing the Haas 2CA Single-Stage-to-Orbit rocket. Outfitted with lightweight composite materials and the Executor aerospike engine, the Haas 2CA will be the first rocket in history to place itself into Earth’s orbit as a single stage.

Vehicle length10 m
Vehicle diameter (except fins)0.7 m
Takeoff weight2,240 kg
Dry weight120 kg
Number of stages1
PropellantHydrogen peroxide 70%
Tank pressurizationPressure fed
Chamber temperature250°C
Total thrust at sea level4,100 kgf
Total thrust in vacuum5,700 kgf
Specific impulse at sea level93 s
Specific impulse in vacuum127 s
Running time85 s
Source: ARCA Space Corporation

ARCA Space to Test Aerospike Engine at Spaceport America

ARCASpace booster with aerospike engine. (Credit: ARCA Space)

ARCA Space Corporation has announced plans to flight test its Executor aerospike engine for its Haas 2CA single-stage-to-orbit small satellite launch vehicle at Spaceport America in New Mexico in August.

The Demonstrator 3 vehicle will conduct the first test of an aerospike engine in flight during a suborbital mission that will reach an altitude of up to 100 km, the company said in a press release.


RocketStar Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Develop Aerospike Engine

RocketStar_Logo LogoNEW YORK, Mar. 19, 2015 (Rocketstar PR) RocketStar, LLC, rocket engine company based in New York City, is currently developing a new generation of rocket engines, beginning with an aerospike engine intended to democratize space and unlock its promise of the future by creating a cost-effective, reusable, reliable, environmentally friendly and highly cost effective rocket engine. RocketStar’s aerospike technology is far superior to the traditional multi-stage, single-use and relatively expensive rockets adopted by the space industry. RocketStar’s aerospike engine will serve to hasten milestones in space exploration, space tourism and, ultimately, space colonization.

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, RocketStar is launching an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise $250,000 for completion of a prototype and to conduct a burn test, both of which are required prior to building a full-fledged aerospike engine. The campaign will provide individuals with an unprecedented opportunity to participate directly in space technology that will facilitate the overarching quest to routinely move humans beyond the confines of Earth. There will be several levels of participation, ranging from $1 to $25,000, with compelling custom curated rewards for each level of funding.