Teachers in Space to Hold Summer STEM Workshops


In the Summer of 2011, Teachers in Space will offer five one-week professional-development workshops for high-school science, technology, engineering, and math teachers. Teachers in Space project manager Edward Wright announced the workshops during the final session of the Space Exploration Educators Conference, which took place here today.

“Next summer, teachers will have opportunities to experience unpowered aircraft flight with a former NASA Shuttle commander, to fly a flight simulator for the next generation of reusable spacecraft, to study the effects of high-altitude flight in a university altitude chamber, and to build experiments that will fly on a suborbital vehicle,” Wright said.


Teachers in Space to Fly Student Experiments on Masten Vehicles

Masten's Xombie vehicle


In the summer of 2011, high-school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers will have the chance to fly experiments on an early unmanned flight of a suborbital reusable launch vehicle (RLV). The Excelsior STEM mission was announced here today by Teachers in Space, a nonprofit project of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Speaking at the annual Space Exploration Educators Conference, Teachers in Space project manager Edward Wright said “Excelsior STEM will provide a historic opportunity for high-school STEM teachers to gain hands-on experience with space-science hardware.”

NASA Teams Up With Teachers in Space Program for STEM Education


Dallas, TX – The nonprofit Teachers in Space program has been selected by NASA to create an innovative professional-development program for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers.

“The NASA Education Office has selected Teachers in Space for funding under NASA’s K-12 Cooperative Agreement Notice,” Teachers in Space project manager Edward Wright said today. “Under this cooperative agreement, Teachers in Space will receive approximately $400,000 in funding and work with NASA to take STEM education to a new level.”


Teacher’s Dream Comes True as He is Chosen for Trip Into Space

Steve Heck (left) is one of the Pathfinder 7 - teachers from across America chosen to fly on suborbital space missions.

Ohio Teacher Prepares For Space Travel

Steve Heck is flying high. In fact, he recently took a training flight in California as one of two teachers from Ohio to be picked for the Teachers in Space program.

“At 320 thousand feet you momentarily leave the gravitational pull of Earth but not enough into Earth’s orbit, then coast back down,” Heck explained.

The Milford Junior High school science teacher applied for the program in November, and his students even helped him come up with this experiment.

The hard work paid off and this past May he found out he’ll soon blast off into space.

It is a dream come true for this retired Lt. Colonel who spent 20 years in the Air Force before heading into the classroom.

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Profile: Teachers in Space’s Maureen Adams

Killeen principal chosen to fly into space

Maureen Adams, the principal at West Ward Elementary School, will be taking off into space in about two years. She’s one of seven educators chosen nationwide to participate in the new “Teachers in Space” program.