Singularity University Names New CEO

Mountain View, CA (October 12, 2011) — Singularity University (SU) has announced the appointment of Rob Nail, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and an associate founder of SU, as Chief Executive Officer.

Most recently Rob has been serving as SU’s Director of the Graduate Studies Program. He succeeds Neil Jacobstein, who will continue to co-chair SU’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics education track and take on the role of Director of Executive Academics.


Peter Diamandis Nominated for “Greatest Innovator” Award

A note from Rob Nail over at the Singularity University:

I am excited to announce that Singularity University founders Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil have BOTH been nominated for The Economist’s “Greatest Innovator of the Past Decade” distinction (in different categories).  As part of the theme “A Decade of Celebrating World-Changing Innovation,” The Economist is showcasing notable individuals within the seven categories and asking people to vote for their favorites.

Recipients of this honor include Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, J. Craig Venter, Ratan Tata, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page.

To vote for Ray and Peter, click on the following link:

Vote now and tell your friends!

Moon Express Founder Named to Singularity University Board

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Singularity University’s founders, Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis are pleased to announce Naveen Jain, Founder/CEO of Intelius and Founder/Chairman of Moon Express, to their Board of Trustees. He was selected for his firm belief that there are no global problems that cannot be solved through creative thinking and disruptive technology.

“Naveen’s entrepreneurial abilities combined with his innovative thinking made him the perfect choice for this unique University,” Peter Diamandis stated. “I am particularly proud to have Naveen Jain join our Board of Trustees. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur who is passionate about using exponential technologies to solve the world’s grand challenges.”


ISU, SU Complete Sessions at NASA Ames



After nine weeks of intense lessons, robotic and rocket competitions and rubbing elbows with NASA scientists, industry experts and entrepreneurs, students at International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP) 2009 and Singularity University (SU) shared their final evening together and participated in their university’s closing ceremonies on Friday, Aug. 28, 2009 at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.


ISU, Singularity University to Close Out Sessions at Ames on Friday


ISU and the Singularity University will close out their sessions at NASA Ames on Friday. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is listed on the ISU schedule. However, his appearance is reportedly contingent on NASA launching the space shuttle Discovery in time for him to travel to the West Coast.


Students at the International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP) 2009 and Singularity University (SU) will share their last evening together at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., at their universities’ closing ceremonies on Friday, Aug. 28, 2009.

The closing ceremonies for the 22nd annual ISU SSP, the inaugural class of SU are by invitation only.


Singularity University to Launch at NASA Ames; ePlanet Ventures Becomes Corporate Sponsor


Singularity University (SU) — the new academic institution with the goal of preparing the next generation of leaders to address “humanity’s grand challenges” — today announced the selection of 40 students to represent the inaugural class for the Graduate Summer Program (GSP). Singularity University narrowed the final 40 students from a pool of more than 1,200 candidate applications around the globe. The summer program begins on June 29, 2009, based at its campus on the NASA Ames Research Park.

SU also announced that leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, ePlanet Ventures, joins SU as the newest Corporate Founder to support the institution.


ISU, Singularity University Kick Off at NASA Ames on Monday


MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. – NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., will welcome more than 500 guests, including an international cadre of students and faculty from nearly 40 countries for the International Space University and Singularity University Opening Ceremony on June 29, 2009. The ceremony will be held in the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts and will feature a multimedia celebration of space.


Ray Kurweil and the Singularity University

Newsweek has a couple of stories about Ray Kuzweil, his Singularity, and the upcoming Singularity University session that will be held at NASA Ames this summer. ISU co-founder Peter Diamandis is mentioned.

I, Robot
Ray Kurzweil can’t wait to be a Cyborg—a human mind inside an everlasting machine. But is this the next great leap in human evolution, or just one man’s midlife crisis writ large?

Science Cult
Ray Kurzweil’s vision of a ‘Singularity’ has attracted some followers, but don’t expect it anytime soon.

Film on Singularity Author Ray Kurzweil to Debut at Tribeca

A new film, Transcendent Man, is about to be released on Ray Kurzweil, a leading futurist who is the author of The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. The documentary will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in April.

Kurzweil is co-founder of the new Singularity University, which will begin operations at NASA Ames this summer. The new university is a collaboration of NASA Ames, the International Space University, and Google.

The full press release is below.


ISU to Help Birth New Singularity University at Ames

Below is a note from ISU President Michael Simpson concerning his school’s involvement in the new Singularity University located at NASA Ames. Reproduced with permission.

The newly established Singularity University (SU) has contracted with the International Space University to provide a wide range of services designed to smooth its emergence as a provider of quality education in an exciting new field.